10 Alberta Waterfalls to Go Chasing This Summer

Check out this guide on 10 Alberta waterfalls to scope out this summer - pics or it didn't happen!

We have long been ignoring TLC’s advice to not go chasing waterfalls, and so far, our rebellion against their lyrics has paid off with epic hikes, views and photo-ops. Check out this guide on 10 Alberta waterfalls from Lake Louise, to Sundre, Waterton and back again! Use this list as your waterfall bucket list – pics or it didn’t happen!

1. Sheep River Falls

Turner Valley

1 hr 45 minutes from Calgary

Sheep River Falls near Turner Valley is an amazing road trip if you're touring Alberta waterfalls
Source: TrekEarth

2. Lundbreck Falls


2 hours from Calgary

Lundbreck falls is the perfect destination for a drive in the country to get to this beautiful Alberta waterfall
Source: ToDoCanada

3. Lower Bighorn Falls

Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

2 hours, 45 minutes from Calgary

Lower Bighorn Falls is one of the great Alberta waterfalls - near Sundre at Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

4. Troll Falls


1 hour, 10 minutes from Calgary

Troll Falls is a great easy hike for finding those Alberta waterfalls
Source: GlobeGuide

5. Johnston Canyon

Banff National Park

2 hours from Calgary

Johnston Canyon is a well-trafficked boardwalk walk in Banff National Park and features beautiful examples of Alberta waterfalls
Source: BanffLakeLouise

6. Cameron Falls

Waterton Park

3 hours from Calgary

A long drive from Calgary, but a beautiful Alberta waterfall reward is Cameron Falls
Source: World-of-Waterfalls

7. Silverton Falls

Lake Louise

1 hour, 45 minutes from Calgary

Silverton Falls near Lake Louise is a great stop on your way to or from Lake Louise
Source: World-of-Waterfalls

8. Cat Creek Waterfall


1 hour, 30 minutes from Calgary

A great hike and waterfall near Longview - also a great swimming hole
Source: Christopher Martin Photography

9. Sunwapta Falls

Jasper National Park

4 hours from Calgary

Another long drive from Calgary is the Sunwapta Falls near Jasper - but worth the trip to cross this Alberta waterfall off your summer bucket list
Source: DailyHive

10. Ribbon Falls


1 hour, 10 minutes from Calgary

Another beautiful waterfall in Kananaskis is Ribbon Falls
Source: All Trails

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