10 Date Ideas to Treat your BFF

Here are a few BFF date ideas to show the one that’s always there how much you love and appreciate them.

Whether you are in a relationship, on the prowl or taking a break, the famous saying “sisters before misters” will stand the test of time. Quality time with your besties is important to keep you sane and feel supported and like yourself. They are therapists, partners in crime, they support your failures and cheer on your successes. Oftentimes, these are the people you can naturally be yourself around. It is a relationship that is one of the most important in our lives, and often one we don’t celebrate enough.

If your BFF pushes you to be your best, constantly tells you you’re a bad bitch and makes you laugh until your sides hurt – you have found your person. 

If there is one person who comes to mind, or perhaps a few – this is your sign to plan a date with your people. Here are a few BFF date ideas to show the one that’s always there how much you love and appreciate them. 

BFF Dates are the best way to de-stress and have fun

1. The Spa Date

The spa is a perfect BFF Date to collectively relax and recharge.

Take your bestie to the spa for a little collective relaxation and self care. Splurge for a facial, sit in the jacuzzi and enjoy a nice lunch after. Your friendship -and your skin- will thank you. Leela Eco Spa is a YYC favourite that is committed to their eco-friendly practices and natural products. They have amazing services from Acupuncture to facials, nail treatments to massages! Book a spa day and enjoy some quality zen friend time.

2. Drive-In Movie Theatre

This is a perfect summertime BFF Date! Get your favourite snacks and drinks and head to a local drive-in theatre to catch a good flick! Enjoy the people watching and the retro vibes, but the best part is you can chat and joke through the whole movie without disturbing anybody! There are some amazing local options around the YYC area – this video features the Drive-In at Grey Eagle Casino! Another one of our favourites is Motor Nights in Cochrane, where you can also score some delicious eats from YYC Food Trucks.

3. The High Tea Date

Get dressed up in your Sunday best and head to one of the amazing restaurants in the city that hosts a classy high tea. It’s an excuse to get dressed up, enjoy some tiny finger sandwiches and just remember – pinkies up. The Hawthorn Room is in the historic Fairmont Palliser and the perfect location to enjoy an afternoon tea while you revel in the historic vibes.

4. Slumber Party – 90’s Style

The traditional sleepover is a perfect BFF date to reminisce on the good ol' days.

Bring back the 90’s/early 2000’s slumber party, but this time – add wine. Get your favourite childhood snacks, some beads to make friendship bracelets, put on a fun move like 13 Going on 30 or Clueless, set up some spa treatments and laugh about all the boy talk and prank calls back in the day. Try upgrading the go-to discount pizza from past sleepover tradition with classy foodie pizza to pair with your Doritos, sour candy and Netflix treasures. UNA Pizza + Wine is our go-to girl’s-night-in treat. 4-Maggi anyone?

5. The Picnic Date

Go for a picnic and enjoy some yummy treats and sunshine with your crew.

Build a bit of a charcuterie board with meats, cheeses and of course a sweet treat or two, some cold beverages. Or, treat yourselves and get some take out! Bring some card games, music and enjoy each other’s company and fresh air. 

Check out our guide of awesome picnics in YYC, here!

6. Girl’s Night Away

Get away from your day to day for a hotel staycation with the girls for your next BFF Date

Take a break from the day to day and enjoy a staycation with your main homie. Hit the town for cocktails and apples or stay in for room service – either way it’s bound to be a relaxing getaway and some quality time. The Westley Hotel with it’s vintage vibes, modern features and amazing in-house restaurant, Fonda Fora, it truly makes for the perfect staycation.

7. Fancy Dinner Date

We often reservice the fancy dinner dates for romantic relationships, but why not cheers a glass of champagne to your strongest friendship, over a delicious upscale dinner? Save room and splurge for dessert. If you want to dine above it all in a truly luxurious way enjoying the views of the city, check out Major Tom, a brand new dining experience.

8. Turn Camping into Glamping

Camping is relaxing and even better with your best friends.

Nothing strengthens friendships like a trip to the great outdoors. Bring a big tent, cozy blankets and add some twinkly lights, s’mores and tunes? Now that is a recipe for a perfect BFF date night with your besties. Elevated Escapes is a local company that can help you turn your camping to glamping in a very dreamy way.

9. The Brunch Date

A mimosa-fuelled lunch is the perfect BFF date.

A classic, but we would be remis to not bring up the brunch date. A weekend plan staple and a religious experience. Invite your bestie for a brunch and go all out. Order a round of caesars or mimosas, extra hollandaise, a side of pancakes – whatever makes the conversation flow and feels like the perfect way to toast to your friendship. Monki Bistro is a YYC favourite with delicious mimosas, pink prosecco hollandaise and a waffle fondue. DROOL.

10. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is fun, loud and the perfect girls night out.

Karaoke is the perfect girl’s night out! Whether you love being on stage solo or shouting out a tune with the girls, it’s fun, it’s loud and it’s sure to be a night you will mostly remember. Nanta Karaoke Bar is a really fun location to sing your heart out – they have private rooms if you get a little stage fright, or you can book a slot on the main stage to really shine.

It truly doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’re doing when you’re with the right people, but it is nice to think outside of the box and plan some special adventures for the amazing people in your life every now and then. Going on a BFF date is the perfect place to start.

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