10 Reasons We Love Audi

Because Iron Man drives one - and who are we to argue with him?

In celebration of Audi Royal Oak’s 10 year anniversary this year, we thought we would celebrate the top 10 reasons we love Audi.

1. Make the best first impression with your date.

Let’s be honest – we’ve all seen an Audi driving along the highway and admired its beauty. The cars are playful and modern while still maintaining a classy touch. We’re confident your date would love to ride in a sexy German sports car. It will even help make for a great conversation topic as you zoom into the lane of love.  

2. The interior is stunning

With its gorgeous leather seats and fine trimming, the Audi interior definitely scores some major points among all car lovers.  

3. The seats are super comfortable

The leather seats are comfortable and allow for plenty of legroom. Reviewers even compare sitting in an Audi to sitting in your living room – sounds good to us.

4. They’re dedicated to technology

Audi is committed to technology. They’ve proved this over time with their innovation with the Audi quattro all-wheel drive, Audi Connect and even an Audi MMI that lets you control the interior, entertainment system, navigation system and ride dynamics all from the comfort of your car.

5. They want to help save the planet

Audi is committed to the environment with their efficient diesel engines. They’ve even produced electric cars and hybrids that the world considers to be some of the most eco-efficient.


6. Their cars go reaaaaaaallllllyyyy fast

Audi endurance racers have dominated Le Man for over a decade.

7. … But are some of the safest cars on the road

Your protection is their priority. All cars go through comprehensive computer-simulated and real life crash tests before being launched on the market.  

8. There’s a model to suit every style

No matter your preference, Audi has got a car to suit everyone’s style. From sedans to SUVs and coupes to convertibles, there’s sure to be something you’ll fall in love with.

9. Our celebrity friends love Audi

Audi is a popular choice among A-listers like Ben Affleck, Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Hudgens, Jude Law and Miley Cyrus.

10. Iron Man Drives an Audi.

And who are we to argue with one of the biggest studs in the Marvel world?

Elevate your date night experience and celebrate Audi Royal Oak’s anniversary with them on August 9th. You’ll have a chance to check out the much anticipated Audi RS5 Coupe and the entire Audi Sport family and even have your chance to take them out for a test drive.

To RSVP for the event, visit their website.

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