10 Stay-At-Home Dates To Do This Weekend

Not wanting to leave the house this weekend? We've got you covered with 10 fun at-home dates!

With the news surrounding coronavirus, in order to keep you and your loved one safe, it might be best to move your date night to your living room. The good news is, we’ve taken a look at some unique date ideas that will are perfect for a night in with your partner!

One: Have a Mini-Movie Marathon

Haven’t had a chance to watch the three newest Star Wars movies? Or maybe a rom-com marathon that all feature Sandra Bullock? This is the perfect time to catch up on all of those movies you’ve been meaning to see. Grab some movie snacks, cozy blankets, and crank up the surround sound, this is the perfect weekend for it!

Two: A Spa Night at Home

Bust out the candles that are sitting in the drawer and plan a relaxing spa day at home. When setting up, be sure to grab the essential oils to make your living room smell amazing. You two can take care of each other by giving each other massages, then dive into an at-home facial mask to clear up your pores. You both will feel and look radiant after!

Three: Binge the Hottest Reality-TV Shows

Have you heard about the new Love Island phenomena? What about the TLC show 90 Day Fiance that has all of the gossip rags talking about the cast? It’s the best way for you and your partner to forget about everything going on in the world and get captivated by the couples featured in these shows. Not only that, but you guys can also place bets on what couples you think will make it and what ones you think will break up.

Four: Try a New Cuisine

Choose a tantalizing cuisine from a different country and cook together! You can even make an entire theme night out of the country that you’ve chosen by watching a movie or listening to music from there! Whether you decide Mexico because you love tacos, or India for their great curries, you’re sure to have a fun time with your bae.

Five: Build a Fort & Make Out In It

Let’s be honest, when you were a kid, building a fort was the most fun thing you could do with your friends. Now, as adults, it’s time to find your inner child and create a really cool fort that your younger selves would be proud of! When you’ve crafted your masterpiece from the couch cushions and dining room chairs, you two can lay on your back and admire your handy work. It’s also a great place to share a kiss or two in between sharing childhood memories.

six: Build a Couples Vision Board

Sitting down together and talking about what you want from the future is excellent. Why not put all of the things you talk about on a vision board so that moving forward, you can refer to this as you start to achieve your couple goals! Whether you’re thinking of buying a house, looking to start a family, or travel the world, fill the space on the board with whatever you two manifest!

seven: Have a Competitive Games Night

Connect four is always more fun when there are stakes involved! Create a round-robin competition with your partner by having you both pick out two different board games. If you’re not into board games, why not break out the Nintendo Switch (or whatever gaming system you choose!) and take turns picking out your favourite games. Put up real stakes (wash the dishes for a month, fold laundry for a year) and see how your competitive sides ignite.

Eight: Get Healthy Together

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle stress of everyday life, we forget to take care of ourselves. Why not throw on a yoga video that you both can do together in your living. If yoga’s not your thing, clear your mind with the art of meditation. This is an excellent way for you two to relax and get in tune with your bodies. This one is perfect to pair with #2 on this list!

Nine: Become Mixologists & Create a New Cocktail

It’s time to get creative with all of those spirits you have sitting in your liquor cabinet. Grab the tequila, blue curacao, pineapple juice and soda water to create Tequila Envy. See who can make the best variation of a Moscow Mule with only the ingredients you have in the house. If you’re really in the mixology mood, try to take the four elements that make a great cocktail (salt, water, sweet, spirit) and see what you two can come up with. The winner with the best drink gets to watch the loser clean up after!

10: Have a Dance Party

It’s time to dance out all of your worries with your partner. Take turns being the DJ and show off your best moves. Put on some slow jams to slow dance in the kitchen. Choose a decade and only play songs from that era. There’s a lot of ways to have the best dance party known to man with just you two lovebirds. 

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