10 Things You Should Never Say or do on a First Date


Alright, you’ve landed the first date. Don’t mess it up. Here are a few helpful tips so you can make your best first impression.

Here are some guidelines to follow for what to do on your date

10 Things you should never Say or Do on a First Date

Don’t go to the movies. The first date sets up getting to know each other and conversation is necessary to see if a second date is in the cards.

Don’t pre-drink. Getting a buzz going to calm your nerves may sound like a good idea but just don’t. Take a breath and put your big kid pants on- you’ll look like an idiot if you’re drunk.

Don’t talk about your ex.

Avoid conversations about your job or salary. How much money you make is not first date material. If you’re ballin’ that’s great- make sure your date likes you for you before you start making it rain.  If you’re broke- who cares, don’t complain about your (insert under paid job here ) gig, it’s about attraction and personality.

Don’t talk religion or politics. A bit heavy for date #1. Maybe talk about travel experiences and where you grew up instead.

No texting, Facebook or Instagram… come on. 100% attention is deserved-you can catch up on your news feed later.

Don’t make plans for a future date on date #1. Especially when drinks are involved- try and go home and reflect if you had real potential or not before promising another date.

Don’t go somewhere you go all the time or you’re likely to run into your friends.  It’s super awkward to run into people on a first date and even more awkward when your friends try and join you. Try somewhere a little different and outside your normal watering hole.

Don’t talk about marriage or all this having babies nonsense. One step at a time. Just because your internal clock is ticking doesn’t make it first date material.

Don’t flirt with the restaurant staff. Umm, rude. Sure, the waitress has great cleavage and the bartender hasn’t missed a chest day since 2010- let’s focus on each other. Make sure you give your date all of your attention.

Now, a few things you should do

Google your date and ensure he or she is

a) not a felon
b) not married with a family

Dress to impress

Do some homework. Take some time to catch up with current hot topics-not the relationship status of Justin Beiber, but real conversation starters.

Get a pump in. Feeling confident is step 1 in looking confident and being your best. Set aside time for a sweat session before your date, eat well and drink water.

Grooming. This is all in the details. A fresh shave, trim eyebrows, nails and what scent you’re wearing all make a lingering impression.  Ladies-don’t get crazy on the make-up, go for a more natural but groomed look. Gents- expect a first date kiss? Better make sure the canvas is ready.

Be Cool. There is no point in trying to pretend you’re someone you aren’t. It will inevitably fall apart. Enjoy the date for what it is, be yourself and if it doesn’t work out, move on.

Good luck out there!

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