The Condom Conversation





The Condom Conversation

This conversation usually consists of the girl asking the guy if he “has one.” What happens when he doesn’t? Well, we all want to have safe sex here – so the answer shouldn’t be “you do it anyway.” That’s a whole other issue. What we want to chat about is what happens if the girl has one, or if the girl should have one.

First of all, safe sex is without a doubt the only option when you’re hooking up. Anyone who is single, sexually active and smart is using condoms. With that in mind, it is common for most men to have a condom or two on them, especially if they are on a night out. It’s far from “taboo,” – it’s seen as responsible. That, and it physically makes sense seeing as they are the ones with the actual body part that needs “wrapping.” Moving on…

But where do the ladies come in? Is it our responsibility to have one on us, too? I’ve gotten some mixed reactions when I’ve brought this up to friends. There doesn’t seem to be a common consensus.

However, I have noticed a few questionable outlooks on this topic. Here’s a couple:

-A girl is worried about seeming easy, as if she “expects” sex if she has a condom on her.

-A guy is worried that a girl who has condoms on her is sleeping around, or has a lot of one-night-stands.

Let’s give a scenario:

Joe and Sara met at National. They had a few (too many) drinks, and some great conversation. They both feel comfortable, a bit frisky, and are attracted to each other. Joe invites Sara back to his place and it gets heated the second they step in the door. It’s clear they are going to have some fun, and mid-make out Sara asks Joe for a condom. After searching through his drawers, Joe realizes he doesn’t have one. Luckily, Sara has one and offers to grab it from her purse. Joe is surprised she has a condom on her, becomes a bit standoffish and seems less into hooking up.

Yeah. Apparently this actually happens. Whether these outlooks are fair, politically correct or completely ridiculous or not isn’t the question. The reality is that they are out there, and we need to fix them – now.

I’ve reached a conclusion. The only reason these outlooks exist is because for some odd reason it isn’t common for women to have condoms on them. Situations like this aren’t helping because it’s causing women to be hesitant of a few things:

-To buy condoms

-If they do have them, to carry them around

-If they are carrying them around, to offer them when needed

Why? Apparently all for the fear of looking “too prepared,” or “too easy.”

How do we solve this? Let’s just work together to make it a common thing. The fact that it isn’t already an unthinkable and accepted norm for women to have, buy and carry around condoms is ridiculous. We have to work together to fight for our right to have no-pants parties. Ladies – if you’re single, sexually active, and smart, you should absolutely have a condom or two on you, especially if you’re going out. Add it to the grocery list.

Like anything, there is a silver lining to this. The existing controversy can work in our favor – we can use it as a sort of test.

How? Well, if you do happen to go home with somebody and they judge you for being prepared, then you know right away that they are immature, close-minded and most likely an asshole. Definitely not somebody you should be sleeping with – even for one night. That’s when you pull up your pants, walk out the door, and take your condom with you to save it for someone worthy.


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