Theatre Review: The Huron Bride

“That was an awesome play.” -29 year old guy who doesn’t like plays.

“Is that based on a true story? I hope it’s not a true story. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. Will you sleep over?” -Me

Somehow I find myself laughing at the sexual tension between the very devout Rebecca and the desirous Alexandre, the sawmill worker who insists that God wants us to sin so he can show off his forgiveness skills. It’s a nice comedic relief after I just had my head buried in my dates shoulder because I was so scared. See, I don’t like scary movies of any kind. So I was a little reluctant to go watch the opening night performance of Hannah Moscovitch’s play. I figured because it was a play it might be less scary. I was wrong. The setting of this ghost story is an old sawmill in the middle of a forest-creepy enough on it’s own. But add in the lighting and sound effects and what they’ve created is a disturbing and dynamic experience that leaves you with the same feeling you get when you’ve sat around a campfire telling ghost stories all night. Except this feels like you’re in the ghost story.

The best part about the Huron Bride is that even though it’s the stuff nightmares are made out of, it will still make you laugh out loud. Go see it.

Review by Kylie King

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