How to have more sex

Quick tips from the couple on how to put sex back in your relationship! 

She Said: I am shocked by how many sex-less relationships there are out there. SEX is amazeballs, if you are doing it right.

He Said: We could list all the reasons why it’s good for you (emotionally, physically, spiritually and even good for your health) but you know that info already.

She Said: Women tend to stop having sex when they don’t FEEL good.  Perhaps they don’t feel valued, honoured, loved or feel good about their body… which all leads to being “stressed out & tired”.

He Said: Men tend to stop having sex when they have been rejected, put down, nagged or not respected… Let’s be real men don’t stop getting off, they just stop being engaged and trying to please a women.

She Said: So if you want to start having real, intimate, mind blowing sex again…Make her FEEL good.  Figure out her love language but it’s usually a combo of telling her she looks AMAZING, texting her through the day with compliments or what you are thinking, waking her up with a kiss, hugging, touching, paying attention, listening, putting her first, being thoughtful and planning a date.

He Said: Wow – do you have to do ALL of that?

She Said: No, but it helps! The point is to make her FEEL good. (I keep capitalizing FEEL for a reason – take the hint).  You need to do this over a period of time, but it will just take a couple of consistent days and you will be back on the saddle again.

He Said: You probably think that you could never kill a man’s sex drive but you can.  The biggest sex killer is being nitpicked and nagged. You want to have intimacy again?  Show your man that you respect and trust him.  Compliment him, thank him and stroke his ego.

She Said: And if you really want to blow his mind, BLOW him.  Stop using BJs as currency and just commit to giving him BJs randomly, making it all about him.  He will feel like a million bucks.

He Said: Remember sex is about giving and that goes both ways. For a women penetration and thrusting isn’t the giving part. It’s about giving of yourself, telling her she has a great ass, embracing her.. as the saying goes “warming the oven up”.

She Said: Sometimes if you don’t want to have sex, you should just go with it for a while. Women tend to shut down too quickly if they don’t FEEL like it.  You can open up a lot of communication and intimacy in your relationship if you have sex first.

He Said: Make the first move…

She Said: With all the craziness in our lives, sex is the best stress relief (seriously it’s a proven fact).

He Said: You get the point.

She Said: Go get naked. .

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