He Said, She Said: Is this a deal breaker?

If a guy plans a date with you but then just sits on the couch and watches TV instead, is that enough grounds to break up with him?

Name: Jose

Sex: Female

Relationship status: Relationship for 6 months.

Question from Jose: I am very busy with a current commitment and don’t have an open schedule. He openly disregarded me asking him to spend the evening with him after he suddenly felt indifferent to getting organized off the couch – yet he was the one that originally made the plans of spending the night at my place that night. Is this something that is subject to dismissal or should I be frustrated with the lack of indifference and lack of convenience playing a role into whether or not we see each other?”

He Said: He’s just not that into you.  Dismiss him! If he comes back and puts in a real effort, you can then decide if the relationship is worth investing any more time in.  Bottom line, if the guy is into you and sees the relationship going somewhere, he puts in the effort.

She Said: And he doesn’t respect you. Being too lazy or too tired or quite frankly too busy are not excuses when you are in a relationship, both parties need to make an effort. It only takes 15 secs to send a sexy text or 8 mins to plan a date. Save the excuses for your boss and get your ass off the couch and do something!

He Said: Couches should be used for steamy make out sessions.

She Said: Or testing out new sex positions ;).

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