He Said, She Said: The “after dinner” dilemma

What after dinner date activities can you do with your date?

Name: Hank

Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Dating

From Hank: I have a dinner planned with a girl I have been on couple of dates with on Thursday night (in March), I feel like I should have some potential after dinner activity or few to give us some options to extend the night past just dinner. Any ideas for after dinner activities on a cold March night ?

She Said: Ladies take note, this is what a guy does when he likes you.  He plans and makes an effort! Now back to Hank! Whatever you do, don’t take her to a movie.  Movies are good for a little further down the road when you have nothing to talk about :).

He Said: Movies can be hot though, if you are touching and making out.

She Said: Touche.  You are dating though, so be creative and maybe even do something out of your comfort zone.  This is a time where you get to know each other and see how people react in different situations.

He Said: Listen to live music, or go to a different place for dessert, go roller skating or ice skating.

She Said: Bowling, Casino (make sure to give her money to gamble if you bring her), 5 wines sometimes has wine tastings in the evening, indoor race carts, dance lesson, karaoke, comedy club or laser tag even! There are sometimes art galleries open at night too.

He Said: It really depends on your and her interests.  So the next time you are on a date figure out some things she really loves to do or hasn’t done in a while.  Let’s say she use to go ice skating all the time when she was a kid, plan to take her next time.

She Said: Yes! When you pay attention to those little things and plan thoughtful dates, you score big points.

He Said: Same thing goes for adventure dates like Indoor Rock Climbing, it shows her that it will be exciting if she dates you.

She Said: Most of all have fun!  Not every date has to be over the top, a nice walk, even on a cold night can be romantic. Make sure to bring an extra layer in case she gets cold so you can warm her up! Go for hot chocolate after at a little hip coffee shop.

He Said: I also want to encourage women to plan dates too.  After you have gone out with a guy a couple times, suggest that it is your turn.  It takes a lot of time to plan dates so your guy will be so happy and appreciative of the effort you are making.

She Said: I give Hank some big points for writing in and getting ideas for a date.  You are a keeper! Check out ItsDateNight.com for some good date ideas, lots of casual ones on there!

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