He Said, She Said

If you think you’re really mad at him because he didn’t pick up his clothes off the floor (again), then you’re going to be shocked at the advice from She Said He Said!

They will help you quickly get to the heart of the real problem, no matter what is going on in your life. They’ll give you insight in a direct, honest and sometimes shocking manner, with a side of laughter.

With years of experience, She Said He Said is the female and male perspective on dating, relationships and love… plus they’ll share some very crazy personal stories along the way!

She Said: So yeah, that may be a comedy video on dating but it happens, like a lot.  Sure it’s stereotyping people and I know there are always exceptions to the rule…

He Said: Well, that’s why we’re here, to guide you through all the weird and crazy things about dating, love and relationships.

She Said: It will be like putting that old “Dear Abby” column, Dan Savage and Sue Johanson in a blender.

He Said: And we get to talk about sex right?

She Said: But of course and we’ll throw in some of our own messy experiences too.

He Said: Like the one about the guy who whispered “Resistance is Futile” and then proceeded to lick your ear..

She Said: Or how about the girl you were dating for 1 week who said: “I love you and I want you to reverse your vasectomy so I can have your babies…”

He Said: Yeah be prepared, we’re brutally honest, funny

She Said: and edgey!

She said: .. and you get the female AND male perspective! 

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