How to Rock the Second Date


We stress so much about the first one, but the second date is way more important.

It doesn’t matter how good the first date went, it’s the second date that often determines if things could move forward or fade out. The second date is your chance to relax and reveal a little more about yourself. This is where you want to do something fun that encourages a little bonding.

What to do

The first date was likely drinks, dinner or a casual coffee. Date #2  should be a little more engaging.  Meet for a walk through a local gallery, play darts at a local pub, hit the driving range or go see some live music.  Really, anything that gives you something to talk about is a great way to determine if your personalities are complimentary. You could ask your date what their favourite thing to do is and suggest you try that.

It’s nice to take a glimpse into their life and what they like to see if it’s something you could potentially be into doing.

Suggested Dates


Hit up a local pub like The Pig & Duke or Swans in Inglewood. You can throw darts or play pool and have a couple beers. Schanks is the ultimate playground- mini golf, billiards and video games will bring out your silly side.


Hit the driving range in the sunshine. Don’t golf? Whatever just have fun. Shagannapi, Inglewood or The Golf Dome.

Bike Bike Bike

Go for a cruise and end up somewhere for a cold beer and a snack. I suggest cruising into some new territory- explore together. Bridgeland, Kensington and Bowness have a few hidden gems- head in that direction and see what you find.

Live Music

Live music always ads an elevated experience to traditional Some reliable music venues are Café Koi, Wine-oh’s, The Blues Can and The Ironwood. Broken City and The Oak Tree Tavern also have rotating nights with live performances or interactive games like Music Bingo and Trivia.

Live Comedy

Hit up yuk-yuk’s for a few giggles. Careful not to sit too close to the stage. You will most definitely get called out and if you’re not feeling on your game this will make it worse.

You can refer to any of the dates here for more second date approved ideas as well.

Second Date Tips

Conversation is important. Ladies ( and gents ) love it if you follow up with something you talked about on the first date. It shows you are really interested which is very important for date numero dos.

Don’t be afraid to disagree. There is no point in smiling and nodding along to everything the other person has to say.  If you haven’t seen Star Wars- own it. Just be respectful of the other person. You don’t have to be a replica of each other- the art of conversation is a two way street.

Express yourself. There is nothing worse than not having a clue if you’re on the same page. If you had a great time- say it.  Something as simple as “ it’s good to see you again” will let your date know that you are genuinely interested.

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