Made to measure – Made to fit


Local style-guy Akash Bir tells you men how to measure up.

Men.  It’s time.  Its finally time to invest in a suit. Or hell, even a blazer.  I see it everyday.  This guy is wearing a three button suit, the other guy is wearing an over sized sport coat with ill sized tacky khaki’s. It’s time to throw them all away.  Or better yet, if you want to save some dough run to your nearest tailor.  RUN.  The best feeling in the world is when you lose a few pounds (because you kicked-ass at your New Years resos) you get to take your pants and your blazers all in.  It’s virtually the best investment.

Getting your clothes tailored to fit properly is the most flattering thing you could do. For your body, and your self-esteem. I know (because I speak from experience) going to the tailor is probably not the best use of your time, when you could be playing “vids” or hittin’ the gym. But trust me, the women LOVE it.  Nothing says style or GQ more than a well-fitted suit or blazer.

YYC has some pretty sick tailors, who definitely charge for it, but trust me; it’s the best decision you could ever make.  Look at it this way, when your girlfriend wants to/begs you to take her on a date, one of the best things you could do with her is to take her with you to get your pants and shirts tailored.  After that, drive to the nearest pub to watch the game. You give some you get some. She wont be happier!

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