Man Style: Do’s &Dont’s


Local man-style specialist Akash Bir weighs in on men’s fashion trends. 

So the selfie infused, Jared Leto clad Oscar’s are over.  Christmas is done.  Your NYE hangover is finally cured, our visas are paid off with mediocrity.  You’ve successfully failed at all your dietary resolutions.  In fact you may have even gained a few “ell-bees” Where does that you leave us? Stranded and depressed in this subzero tundra-esq weather.  Alone, looking like garbage.

Folks, the end is near, this bitter, treacherous, weather is finally, coming to an end. Having said that, guys, we go through 10 months of the year freezing our b’s off, and we sacrifice our swag (oh god, its 2014 and I just said the word “swag”). I digress, why do we feel the need to comprise our style, our confidence and our sense of fashion-being all due to Calgary’s unforgiving weather?

As your fashion healer, I want to spread my wisdom.  Men, listen carefully, when it comes to style, from this moment on, say it with me brothers “nothing will stand in the way of fashion”.  Ahmen!

Lets go through some do’s and don’ts for the winter season.

Don’ts- Many of you corporate guys, oh I see you, standing waiting there for the train, with your beaten up, rugged looking trainers and your lunch in a plastic bag.  First things first.  Trainers are meant for the gym.  Now, I am a sucker for keeping my “swag” in top shape.  Especially if you have paid top dollar for your “swag.” So, put your trainers away, and get a pair of winter boots.  There are plenty of nice looking boots that you can wear with your trousers, and jeans.  They will keep you warm, and they wont look as bad as you think.  My go to are my uggs.  Not the “girly” kind.  The “manly” kind.

Do’s – Be a real man and get a purse.  Get rid of your plastic-bag and invest in a bag. Ok, ok fine its not a purse it’s a men’s messenger bag.  Always go with leather, its durable and a bonus! It’ll fit your homemade lunches.  My go-to…brown leather.  It will always make your outfit pop, whatever color you rock.  Men’s coach at Cross Iron Mills, always has some sick deals with great quality bags.

Do’s- Take a look at the sartorial.  I am going to be straight up with you.  Copy this.  Exactly this and all of this.  The layering, the tailored jeans cuffed at the bottom is the perfect look. With the half boot.  The red pants (although I am starting to feel this is a dying trend) and the over sized cardigan, are all perfect staples for a hideous winter day.  Accessorize last.  Throw on a scarf after you feel your outfit has been perfected.

Do’s – Taking that extra step (especially for date night) is going to show your lady you not only care about her, but you’re a man that takes care of himself.  Confidence.

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