Tearin’ up Tinder



Up your chances of getting swiped right.

Want to up your chances on Tinder? Take these tips into your weekend Tindering.

Don’t give your phone number out: Tinder includes chat room for a reason.  If your phone number gets into the wrong hands, it could lead to creepy texts and it’s a hassle to get your number changed. Use the chat and if someone is too much you can block them. If you like them after talking for a while, then give them your number.

Don’t post all group photos: How are we supposed to know which one you are? You’ll always get swiped left for this, because everyone will always assume you are the least good looking one in the group. Sorry, but it’s true.

Don’t post distant photos: No matter how cool the photo may be, we don’t want to see an artsy silhouette of the mountain you climbed. We want to see your face. Everyone will assume you’re hiding something. Sorry, you’ll be swiped left.

Have a good description: Having no description at all on your profile is better than a stupid one. Also, if you have the classic “just looking to meet someone” as your description, you’ll be swiped left. Duh. It’s Tinder – it exists so that people can meet each other. We will assume you’re an idiot.

Don’t post photos with the opposite sex: It’ll always be assumed that you’re a couple with this person. Nobody knows that it’s your sister, or your best guy friend. We will also assume that you’re an idiot for not thinking of this when you chose a profile photo for a dating app. Sorry, left swiped.

Don’t message your matches right away: Playing a little hard to get will always work. If someone messages you two seconds after getting matched, it’ll come on too strong. We are going to assume you are constantly tindering on your phone with nothing else to do. Although that may be true for some of us, you want that little moment of mystery. Wait at least 15 minutes before sparking up the conversation.

Okay YYC – go get your swipe on! 

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