The Double Date: How Group Dating Can Improve Your Relationship


Double the date is double the fun!

If you’ve been with your significant other for a while now you may find yourself slipping into the comfort zone. Dinner and a movie have  become your weekend routine and you typically don’t find yourself talking too much on dates. Maybe you’ve run out of things to talk about or you feel like you’ve gotten to know them the best you can. Well- we think you should consider double dating.

We’re busy. As a society we’re working too much and spread too thin. Maintaining just a few relationships seems harder than ever. Here is a solution that can revitalize your relationship and get you more time with your friends too.

The Double Date

In a group setting, relationship dynamics are exposed and it’s often refreshing to see what another couples perspectives are. Seeing familiar situations can make it comfortable to talk about embarrasing moments, personal problems or just to keep the conversation fluid. Knowing that your friend is going through the same little relationship quirks is a relief. Phew, normal.

“Although we still need to investigate why responsiveness from other couples predicts increases in passionate love, one possibility is that having another couple respond positively to yourself and your partner may provide you with a fresh, positive view of your partner and relationship,” Keith Welker, doctoral student at Wayne State University and co-author of the study.

Here are a few tips to consider when planning a double date.

1. Choose the Right Couple

If the couple you go out with are stiff and unrelatable-they’ll spend the evening staring at each other all tight lipped and cross armed-make sure the couple will be a good match with both parties-not just a friend. It’s important you click as a group, so make the first double date over happy hour cocktails or something low commitment.

*observe the consequences of the ‘wrong’ couple

2. Try something New

More than just dinner-make the most of your double date by checking out a show or enjoying live music. Comedy club’s make for great double date territory, same as live music venues or activities like bowling. Start with dinner and drinks then head out to a show-make a night of it. The experience of trying something new makes bonding easier and means more opportunities for personal topics to come up.

3. No Gossiping

New circle of sharing? No. Resist the urge to share secrets about each other.

Typically the guy’s make buds and the ladies do too but keep your personal relationship issues to the side. That’s between you and your partner.

4. No Drama

As with any relationship, make sure you’re having fun. The group date is tons of fun-until it’s not. If the other couple is fighting all the time or in a bad mood-ditch them.

If you hit it off with a couple maybe even plan a weekend getaway or a vacation. The boys can golf, the ladies can spa ( or whatever you’re into)- everyone is happy.

The double date can revitalize your bond and you may even make some great life long friends along the way.


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