Tinder: The Actual Date

Nope. Nope. Nope. Hmmmm…. Swipe right. Nope. Nope. Nope. Crossfit and a vegan? Nope. Show me your face….nope.

It’s addictive. Boom- match. Kind of exciting, until the conversation goes a little something like this: “ Hey beautiful. Can I get you out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini?” Or my favourite so far “ Hey what’s your name?”


Tinder is actually pretty legit and while it’s coined a hook-up app it’s actually pretty efficient. You’re single, he’s single…you swiped, he swiped.

There is nothing worse than when you’re at the bar and you want to talk to someone only to get the blank stare like “ why the eff are you talking to me, don’t you know I’m in a relationship?’

At least with tinder, the expectations and the rules are clear.

So- you’ve got a match and you want to take this offline. Now what?

The first date strategy is important. It comes with all sorts of butterflies and awkwardness on its own. Choose a venue with low commitment and an exit strategy if it’s a flop.

Here are a few first date ideas for you. Each of these spots leave you with the option to hang out if it’s going well or head on your way back to your next tinder match in no time.

It’s Just Coffee

Deville Coffee Shop

One of Calgary’s best coffee shops also boasts a great happy hour. Enjoy a java and test the waters or head there for wine and cheese from 3-6pm daily.

Gravity Espresso Bar

A friendly little café in Inglewood, Gravity is a great date spot. Good coffee and snacks and they have rotating daily features, wine, beer and bubbles. You can also catch live music at Gravity various nights of the week making great background noise for a first date. If you really hit it off go grab dinner at Without Papers of 500 Cucina right around the corner.

Kawa Coffee Bar

Great for a first date or when your first date turns into a late night date-Kawa has treats to satisfy the sweet tooth, perfect for sharing! They have an impressive wine and beer list as well so you can stay a while and get to know each other.  Kawa has live music on the weekends.

A Drink is a Drink

Need a little liquid courage to get through the first impression? Most of us do. Keep in mind not to go somewhere you normally go.  It’s even more awkward running into friends on a first date- especially your coupled up buddies who are so judgy.

Winebar Kensington

Not your typical wine bar, Winebar Kensington has over 100 bottles of vino to choose from. It’s got a casual, laid back vibe and an emphasis on tables for two. Ask the server to surprise you with the latest and greatest or ask your date if they prefer Cali, Italy or Spain.


Margaritas will almost always guarantee a second date. Anejo has the best margaritas in Calgary- hands down. Choose from chili coconut, guava, mango, strawberry rhubarb, ginger or stick to classic. You can order up a flight of tequila and learn a few things while you’re at it too. This isn’t the Jose Cuervo shots you’re used to. Tequila has a lot of character-sip it and let the icebreaker be ‘ best Mexico vacations’ (I’d leave out the spring break details…first impressions after all 😉 ).

Vin Room

Vin room is sexy for any kind of date bust especially appropriate for the first date. Dimly lit, velvet seats and oodles of wine.  No need to be overwhelmed by the wine list you can order flights. A wine flight is three 2oz. pours of three different wines. Pick your favourites and test your dates wine knowledge! Lots of great tapas to try if your date is going well.

Love at First Bite





Casual and laid back, table side guacamole, flaming queso fundidas and of course, tequila –sounds like a recipe for a great date. Try their Happy Hour from 3-5 daily which offers half price tequila and margaritas. We just really love Anejo.


We love Cibo’s pizza crust! A first date at Cibo must get started with Scondellina- small tapas served with toasted crustinis. My recommendation is to order 3 to share. The ricotta, roasted eggplant puree (better than hummus), and bruschetta. You can always pop in for pizza happy hour, $5 pizza feature from 3-5pm. Low commitment and affordable. If its good stick around and order some vino or stroll to Tutti Frutti for dessert.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti get’s our vote for a great first date spot because you can tell a lot from how a person tops their frozen yogurt. There is definitely a strategy involved and everyone is the artist behind a unique masterpiece. Well, at least I’m judging. Also- if they don’t like Fro-yo…you’ll want to figure that out pretty quick. *Deal breaker alert*


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