Public Sex in YYC: Release 1

Happy Hump Day!

We are going to make Wednesdays a little more exciting for you. How?

By sharing some of the best city sex secrets! Don’t worry – no one will find out who’s done it, but we will say what has been done…and where!

Here are our favourites from the first round of confessions:


“That parking lot in the airport where you wait to pick people up….yep, it happened.”


“Floating down the Bow River! Note: It’s very difficult, almost impossible, to equalize the weight distribution on the tube.”


“The south side of the Memorial Park Library, near 13th Avenue…on the grass…”


“The car wash.”


“River park dog park…and our dogs were on guard!”


“At Zoo Lights, behind the monkey house…got up to some monkey business.”


“In a city playground, in the middle of a night, on the swing. It was a lot of exercise but it was exciting!”


“The parking lot at Nose Hill Park is the perfect hideaway spot for car sex.”


“In Banff, we got it on in the grass near the busy paths at Bow Falls.”


“The outhouses on Bermuda Shorts Day at U of C are a common place…”


“On the west side of McMahon Stadium, there’s a nook where you are hidden from street view that’s perfect for a quickie.”

Have a secret sex spot in YYC? Submit to our forum here! 

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