Public Sex in YYC: Release 3


It’s Hump Day!

Here are our picks for this weeks steamiest public sex confessions! There are definitely some creative people in YYC…

“At the top of the waterslide in Southland Leisure Centre”

“In our van, in our church parking lot! At least it wasn’t on a Sunday…”

“It wasn’t sex, but I’ve done sexual things on the chairlift that goes over top of the Stampede grounds.”

“At XFest last year, after the merchandise tents closed we snuck into one of them and did it on a couch!”

“Stampede last year, I don’t really remember, but I’m pretty sure it was just a on a bench in a parking lot somewhere downtown. No shame.”

“Peter’s Drive In parking lot”

“Old high school parking lot. Classic.”

“We thought it was just a train station parking lot, but then when we were done we realized it was actually outside of a police station…the one on 45th and 17th! “

Don’t forget to share your secrets…anonymously of course! Send into our forum here!

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