Single in Calgary?


Written by Alexandria Brown

It has its perks.

I am in my 20-somethings, and I’m single. I’ve also come to the conclusion that this is a completely acceptable position to be in at my age. Personally, I think others this age should look at the positive side to being single in your 20’s.

Yes, everyone around you may be coupled up and getting married, but it’s okay to be that 20-something who is still selfish, still focused on you and still waiting to be swept off your feet.

It’s basic human nature to want what seems like everyone else has (a steady relationship on the road to marriage) and to want it right now. Often times, wanting this will lead to disappointment. It will lead to rushing into something that’s not quite right for you and will often end in heartbreak… either of your own or the other person.

I know what you’re thinking, “If I have to go to another (insert couple-clad event here) alone again I’m going to scream.”

Again, look at the positive side. Say you are at said event, and make eyes across the dance floor with another super gorgeous single person. Since you’re unattached, you can march right on over there, let them get all up in your personal space and decide whether or not to make out with them. Depending on the amount of drinks you’ve probably had, that answer is more than likely going to be yes.

Another great thing about being single? How awesome it is to sleep alone. All the couples may be saying, “I can’t sleep without my partner being there. I need someone to cuddle with.” You sir/ma’am are a liar. Who doesn’t like sprawling out on your own bed, sleeping diagonally and creating an impenetrable blanket fort around yourself? No one ever has ever liked having to stay on their side of the bed, wrestle for the covers and, God forbid, if you end up spooning with your partner for that minute too long, sweating through your sexy pajama tee.

I am in love with how selfish I can be while being single.

Sometimes all I want to do is watch a super sappy, incredibly romantic and terribly cheesy movie where everything works out in the end. Is that so bad? It’s also a bonus if the movie includes a shirtless Zac Efron. I know that most guys aren’t going to be willing to sacrifice two hours of their time to watch that kind of a movie… and that is fine by me. I don’t often like watching dramatic action movies where you have to pay detailed attention to the plot line (short attention span).

I know most of my single girlfriends say they miss going out on dates. My solution? Date yourself. Or go out with girlfriends. Have you thought of that? You get dressed up, you put on a new outfit and you take yourself to dinner or to a movie or to a ballroom dance class (usually they’ll find you a partner).

Even better, The “It’s Date Night” website (which you are currently reading this on…) has a ton of great date ideas that are not only for couples, they’re for you or you and your friends!

But I encourage you to try dating yourself, and really bask in the life of being single while you can. Doing things alone may sound scary, you’ll think, “shoot I should have brought my friend blah-blah.” After the initial feeling that everyone is staring at you (Note: nobody is ever staring at you, most people are too self-involved to notice) it’s easy to find that you can have a good time on your own. Friend dates are also a big plus in my books.

Now if you’ve found love, congratulations! All us single people hate you. I kid, I kid. But actually most of us are super-jealous you’ve found someone to spend your time with and reciprocate your feelings. Just remember that you can be happy being single, too. It means you’re waiting for that right thing, the thing you’re so jealous of in other couple’s relationships. You’re ok waiting for something fabulous instead of settling for ordinary.

Me? I’m still waiting for Zac Efron.





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