Public Sex in YYC: Release 4


Where have you gotten down and dirty? We’ve saved some of our fave secret confessions to share with you! Sorry, you might not look at a few places in the same way…

“I’m not saying which golf course, but, the golf course I go to. Multiple places, multiple times, never been caught.”

“The Chinook Mall underground parkade, too easy!”

“At Stampede on the Zipper, we tried a few sexual things — but it was difficult.”

“We had a whole car on the C-train to ourselves…it was quick but exciting!”

“The top of the Memorial Stairs…it was a good workout after already running the stairs, good view of the city and sorry to the family that walked by with your small children.”

“A bunch of us were at the Blues Can, and we saw a car in the parking lot, when it was fully light out, with two people’s feet hanging out. It was obvious what they were doing, it was free entertainment! After it was over, the guy gave us a thumbs up from the window, then they came into the Blues Can!”

“On a hospital bed at the Foothills. Those wait times are too long.”

“On the boardroom desk at my husband’s company Christmas party one year.”

Have a sassy sex secret? Submit to our forum, don’t worry – we can keep a secret from Nenshi! 

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