“Amber Approved” Dining for dates


Written by Amber Romaniuk

Ditch the stress of dining out.

Our own local Holistic Nutritionist, Amber Romaniuk, gives us her tips and recommendations for healthy eating at great venues in YYC!

For most women, especially on the first date, this can be stressful for a number of reasons.

Choosing your order

Well, you want to look healthy, but don’t want to eat just a salad. Why? There is the chance that it may get stuck in your teeth followed by the possibility of him staring at it and not telling you.

Then, there is the classic “salad with a chicken breast and dressing on the side.” Not the most exciting and tasty option available.

The dinner date should be fun and adventurous. Calgary has such a fantastic culinary scene that is not only plentiful, but full of healthy options. It’s just a matter of knowing where to go, and knowing what YOU want as far as the values you have around food and your health.

Choosing a venue

If you eat a certain way, like vegan, no gluten, or you’re a carnivore, celebrate that. Whatever it is, you are choosing that because it is what makes you feel vibrant and energetic! There are a few pre-date tips I ‘d like to share, that always guarantee a great dinner out!

1.)   If you know where you are going ahead of time, take a peek at the menu online

*This can help you to decide if it’s a place that appeals to you and has healthy options that you can order. This is especially important if either your diet choices or allergies cause you to have to avoid things like gluten or dairy.

2.)   Be sure to ask your waiter/waitress questions that you may have about the menu as far as the sources of their produce or meat. Is it local? What kinds of ingredients do they use in their sauces/dressing? This is especially important if you have a serious allergy or intolerance!

3.)   Share with your waiter/waitress if you do have an intolerance or request for a substitution. There are many talented chefs out there who are willing to make the dish to your liking if it isn’t from the start and accommodate allergies and sensitivities.

4.)   If you do want to indulge, share with your date! It’s fun to share, as well you can indulge and also not have to feel guilty. And on the guilt note, go out and enjoy yourself, give yourself permission to indulge if you so choose. Don’t let it stress you out while you have fun.

Amber Approved

These restaurants are what I call “Amber Approved.” What does this mean? They have gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free options and source locally for ingredient and the staff is mindful of substations while providing amazing service.

Check them out and see for yourself! Happy dinner dating!

Yellow Door Bistro @ Hotel Arts

Raw Bar By Duncan Ly @ Hotel Arts


80th & Ivy


Sky 360

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