She’s just not that into you.

Written by Veronica Pocza

There’s a few ways to tell.

We’ve all seen, or at least heard the stories of “he’s just not that into you.” Well, over a few coffee talks and cocktail dates of girl talk, we’ve compiled a list for the gents.

She’s not that into you if…

-She doesn’t text you when she’s drunk

-She doesn’t pull over, just to text you back

-She goes to the gym instead of hanging out with you

-She calls you bro, buddy, or dude

-She gets drunk on your first date

-She hasn’t introduced you to her friends

-She changes the subject when you try to be romantic

-She doesn’t banter with you

-She doesn’t immediately pop gum after a garlic or onion-ey dinner

-She doesn’t “return the favour”

-She keeps asking about your attractive friend

-She doesn’t lock in plans

-She doesn’t talk about you to her friends

-She’s still on tinder

Alright guys, we’ve given it to you loud and clear. We’re really just helping some of you save face, so you know if you should move on from the lady you are trying to pursue.

Have something you want to say? Let us know if she’s just not that into you, or, what you do when you’re not that into someone. Let’s chat!

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