Public Sex in YYC: Release 2


Happy Hump Day, Calgary!

We’ve got this weeks silliest secret sex spots hot and ready for you. These were our faves from this weeks submissions.

“In the gondola at Lake Louise”

“On the side of the road up near Spruce Meadows, there’s a spot on the top of the hill that you can look over the entire city at night. It’s amazing!”

“In the parking lot of Western Canada High School…nobody expects you to be there in the middle of the night!”

“The Jack Singer concert hall…that was fun.”

“In a car behind Jelly Modern doughnuts – at two in the afternoon, in broad daylight!”

“During a business conference, in an elevator.”

“In a car…outside of the Back Alley…with my old manager.”

“On a Stampede Pub crawl party bus…during the pub crawl!”

“In the stairway of the Sasso apartment buildings…the elevator was broken and we couldn’t wait until we got to the room!”

“At our community lake on one of those paddle boats. We kept our life jackets on.”

“At the Zoo in the Dinosaur park.”


Have a sassy public sex secret? Submit anonymously to our forum, here! 

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