Houdini- The Modern Magician


Written by Alex Brown

Just like that they’re gone

The modern day Houdini is more intriguing than the original don’t you think? They call late at night to enter your apartment and faster than you can say ‘abracadabra’ they’ve left without a trace.

Have you ever been texting with someone who’s amazing and they just get you? Then one day they don’t text back or bother to text you ever again? Well my friends, you’ve been Houdini’d.

This trend fascinates me. I know, I know I’m weird. Why would I be interested in something that hurts a lot of people’s feelings? Well it’s probably because it’s happened to me… more than once.

I think it speaks to a person’s character how they handle certain situations. If someone can straight up tell you, “You know what? You’re extremely great, but you’re not my extremely great. I’m just not feeling it,” that person to me is a hero. There’s no wonder. There’s no what if. There are just the facts… and I love facts.

Being a person on the receiving end of a Houdini leaves you with a lot of questions. Was it something I said? Was it something I did? Did I tell them too much? Did I tell them too little? If you were yourself the entire time then you probably did nothing wrong. Somewhere along the way that person decided you’re not the one for them and instead of telling you, they took the easy route of just never talking to you again. Pretty awesome right?

As much as it hurts and as much as I hate being this person, you learn from those situations. How? Well you now know what it feels like to have someone disappear. You now know what it’s like to be left with those questions and utterly no closure (other than that person is an ass). Chances are you’re not going to do this to someone else because you know the hurt that comes along with it.

My own version of the Houdini consists of the phrase “haha.” That’s it. Every single thing that guy texts me, my reply will always consist of “haha”. After years of being the “haha” jerk I’ve realized that it’s no better than disappearing. I’m basically saying “I’m uninterested in this conversation.” I’m not really doing that person any favours by continuing the conversation instead of just being honest. Just like the Houdini, both hurt someone in the end.

You’re attractive, smart and a Calgarian, all positive attributes. Whatever you do, don’t give up after encountering a Houdini because you just never know who you might meet under the Calgary Tower.

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