Only the Lonely

Written by Christopher Riley

There’s nothing wrong with riding solo

Lets talk about loneliness. That horrible emotion where you constantly feel like you’re missing something of utter importance and yet you have no idea how or even where to start searching. It occasionally leads to poor decision making and long time regret, especially if at any point during this process your good friend vodka makes an appearance. So instead of letting lonely win and being found three weeks later half eaten by stray cats, I have decided to take action. I choose to be my best self and learn to live with lonely.

5 Ways to Kick Lonely to the Curb

1. Learn to Dance with Yourself

I say this as because not only to do instantly feel better, and get some kickass exercise you are also practicing for killing it down at the clubs. True story. So step away from Jonnie Mitchel’s Greatest hits (in fact I recommend burning or burying this CD far away to avoid the shame spiral) and put on some take no prisoners dance music and let loose. Bonus round if you can terrify your neighbours to the point they close their blinds. They’re just jealous….

2. Don’t Let the Landslide Bring You Down… Embrace the Truth Smackdown

While misery might love company, lonely is having a full on affair with it. Avoid your friends who reinforce letting you wallow, if you really want to make a change. Surround yourself with the people who care enough to point out everything you DO have going in life. These people are your comrades and companions in the world of dating and are essentially the people who are going to always bring out your best, even when you think you’re at your worst.

3. Remind Yourself of Your Strength …  Run your Marathon

One of the most effective weapons in defeating your loneliness is by remembering how strong you are. And nothing reminds you of that more than a physical challenge or goal. Ever wanted to learn how to kayak? Perhaps want to run a marathon with a time that was not outpaced by a senior with orthopedic shoes (and some of them can really book it)… Well now is the time. Never have you had more reason to get into something that you can fall in love with more than now. So dust off that tracksuit, fill up your water bottle and live your adventure.

4. Whip Up a New Wardrobe

Fashion is about more than just wearing clothes. It is about expressing who you are and how you interact with the world. If you have taken to hiding behind oversized sweaters, and the words “form fitting” trigger panic attacks, or if you live in a world where “couture” is a fancy mustard, then maybe its time to take on a new look. Even if it is as simple as a pair of new shoes, small changes allow you to reinvent or sharpen your image thus pulling you out of the lonely slump that you and your sweatpants have so easily embraced. You’re better than this, and you know it. So show it!

5. Channel your Inner Fierceness

Now to all of you that immediately thought of Beyoncé, put that right back where it came from. Unitards are not a good look. What I really mean here, is to dust off your inner confidence and assertiveness. Don’t be afraid to own it! You are amazing all by yourself, and you do not need someone to complete you. So when you walk into that Starbucks, know that you have got this. Not even bad renditions of Fleetwood Mac can bring you down. But definitely put down the unitard, even if it claims to wick sweat from the body, it only really wicks away dignity and most types of self respect. Unless you’re Beyonce.

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