Online Dating: Creepy Turned Into Comforting

Holy shit!  Prince Charming, is that you?


Written by: Brandelyn Cameron

A digital fairytale of sorts.

With an undergraduate degree in community studies and a minor in communication, I essentially love getting out in public and building relationships. There is one caveat though…I suck when it comes to intimacy with strangers, otherwise known as dating.

Ironically, I was recently forced to face my fears when I was assigned the task of interviewing an online dating expert. Seriously?  Me?  WTF. I’m like the last person  on earth that should be covering this story but hey, it’s my job so I better get on it.

So, in an effort to truly understand the creepy, intimate nature of online dating, I created a profile and decided to weed through the correspondence as open-mindedly as possible.

An example of one of the messages I received:

“Beautiful.  Sporty and Smart.  A triple threat it seems.  Do you like a man who knows what he wants and takes it?”  

What the hell is that supposed to mean?  Like do I want you to club me over the head and drag me back to your man cave by my ponytail?  Not likely. If you took the time to read my profile, you would have noticed that I am an old-fashion girlie-girl seeking her Prince Charming, and I’m not looking for some sort of primal control freak.

Still not sure?  Perhaps you should watch Cinderella and then we can chat.

After several similar messages, some more persistent than others, I’m thinking how the hell would anyone find a decent match they’d actually consider meeting face to face?

At the time, as a local TV host and Home and Design Editor, I was also starting to get a little neurotic about having my photos on an online dating site since I was so actively present in the community.

In order to continue with my little research project, I decided to insert my childhood postal code in the search parameters and mingle with the men 3500 kms away. Totally seemed like a less intimidating option at the time.

“Great photo Ms…doesn’t get any more adorable than that.  You look like you should be a Westerner”

Holy shit!  Prince Charming, is that you?  With a flushed face, after reading his message incessantly, showing my BFFs, and creeping his profile, I’m thinking how can this be happening?

You are here to research the possibilities, you are not here to participate…or was I?

After six weeks of the most amazing, fairytale communication I’ve ever encountered, I boarded a plane to visit my family in Calgary for Christmas.  This also happens to be where Prince Charming lives.

The rest is history as they say.

Perhaps it was because we spent so long communicating beforehand, (and there was no pressure originally), even though he was a dreaded stranger, meeting him for the first time was the most comforting experience, and I’m willing to bet the best Marda Loop coffee date ever.

All of this to say, my advice is to be genuine, be yourself and what you are looking for will find you.

Ready or not.

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