Unique Gift Ideas If You Have Friends Like Mine

Think about the best gift you’ve ever received. Chances are it wasn’t necessarily the most expensive, extravagant, or trendy. Usually, it was the thought that made it so special. 


Written by: Katie Tetz

Some inspiration for your holiday shopping.

Think about the best gift you’ve ever received. Chances are it wasn’t necessarily the most expensive, extravagant, or trendy. Usually, it was the thought that made it so special.

That feeling you get when someone gives you something that says, ‘I really know you’ …there’s nothing better.

One of my favourite for-no-reason gifts was a tiny blue and white gemstone from an employee. The stone was meant to spark creativity and help with writers block. She gave it to me when she found out that I was starting a blog. I’ll never forget her or the thought that went into that tiny gift.

No matter what your budget is, a little thought goes a long ways. What would make your best friends life better? What does your sister need right now? Who has a burden that you could lift? What would make Mom cry? (Muhaha)

I’ve put together a list of what I consider to be unique and thoughtful gifts. But of course, it all depends on who you’re buying for. Hopefully this sparks something for you, no matter who you’re buying for or what your holiday budget is this year.

Print your Instagram photos. 

I’m so happy that I discovered Sticky 9. It’s incredibly user friendly and incredibly cheap. Just head to their website, log into your Instagram account, choose which photos you’d like to print, and check out. It’s free shipping and you can even create magnets, greeting cards, phone cases and more. Personally, I like the square photo prints. They’ll fit perfectly into the cards that I’m sending out.

That #throwbackthursday of you and your best friend, she’ll like it even more on her fridge. That adorable photo of you and your grandmother that got 70 likes, print it for her so she can enjoy it too! Because while we all know how much middle aged women are loving Facebook these days, we know that G-ma isn’t ever going to hop on Insta.

Cost: Less than $30. Plus, Sticky9 is having a 25% off everything sale for one more day. I just ordered 54 photos for the cost of one dinner out.

Piggy Banks.

Know anyone who is struggling financially? (Holla!) Money stress is no fun, and though you may not be able to make it go away, you could at least make light of it with a piggy bank as a gift. I found mine at Urban Barn. Not only does it have a lot of change in it, it makes a great decor piece.

Have an #armparty.

My favourite fashion blog, Man Repeller, invented something called the “arm party”. It’s simple. Stack any 5 bracelets together and boom: Arm party. And no matter what 5 bracelets you stack together, somehow it always works! As Leandra Medine, the creator of Man Repeller says herself, “After all, bracelets are about friendship.” So what better gift to give your girlfriends. Create a neutral arm party for your friend who refuses to wear anything but grey, or a colourful summer themed one for a friend about to go on a winter holiday.

Cost: totally depends on where you find the five bracelets.

Give the gift of sugar (below the belt)

If you haven’t already tried sugaring, let me be the first to tell you that you (and your lady parts) are seriously missing out. It’s completely natural, less painful than waxing, and after only going a couple of times, I can’t believe how slow the hair growth is. And if the lady you’re gifting is a brazilian virgin, tell her not to fret. It only takes 15 minutes and you even get a mud mask afterwards. (Not on your face.) Hilarious, I know.

Send a friend to Sucre Body Sugaring Boutique on 17th Avenue. It’s a beautiful space, and she’ll never have to buy another razor again. Or, if she’s bound to take offense to you suggesting she get her lady parts taken care of, you could always get her a mani/pedi instead.

But that’s so unoriginal.

Give the gift of sugar, for real this time. 

With just a quick trip to the candy store and only a few dollars spent, I’ve made a lot of people happy. Especially if you know their favourites, it’s an easy way to make someones day. It’s the holidays, so they’re likely cheating on their diet anyways.

Give a rock that isn’t coal.

Like I said, one of my favorite gifts was a gemstone. Not because I like collecting rocks, but because there was so much thought put into it. You might be surprised by how long you hang out in the gemstone store searching through all of those beautiful crystals, finding just the right meaning for each person in your life, or for yourself.

I love Earth Gems on 17th Avenue or New Age Books & Crystals in Kensington.

Make em sweat.

Most of us have health and fitness goals, especially after Christmas heading into the New Year. If you have a friend or family member that is addicted to spin like we are, why not get them a class card to their favourite spin studio? Or if you’ve got a friend who keeps saying she needs more yoga in her life, get her a few classes at Hot Shop so she can try out hot yoga. Or if she’s a beach baby, she might love Surfset. Check out Studio Revolution. There’s no end to the amazing fitness studios popping up in our city. Whether you know his or her favourite or want to give them the gift of trying something new, this is always a great option.

Please don’t stop the music.

Remember when we used to make each other mixed CDs? Why not bring that back. Burn your boyfriend a CD with all of the songs that bring up all of the memories. Or if your car and laptop aren’t old enough to allow for such a thing, create a special SoundCloud playlist just for that person and send them the log in. Or, purchase Adele’s new album for your roommate who won’t stop playing ‘Hello’.

A new journal + pencils and/or a book.

Nothing makes me happier than new stationary. I’m aware that the people in your life might not be quite as obsessed, but we could all use a little more organization and some blank pages to create something new on, right? (Like those 2016 goals)

I remember being little and faking the excitement when I received yet another book under the tree. My how times have changed…

Give the gift of the future.

Again, only you will know if there’s someone in your life who would love this kind of thing. Perhaps you have a friend who has always wanted to do a palm reading, or have their astrology chart read, or visit a psychic. Make a date for the two of you to have some new age fun together! If anything, you’ll be creating a new memory.


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