Get the House, Get the Girl/Guy

So remember that weekend you were out with the girls and you met that Oh So Dreamy, bearded (Movember just kept on keeping on from 2013) wonder of a man at National on 10th?


Written By: Jimmy Olandesca 

why being a responsible homeowner can help you lock down that “real” relationship

So remember that weekend you were out with the girls and you met that Oh So Dreamy, bearded (Movember just kept on keeping on from 2013) wonder of a man at National on 10th?

Blanche de Chambly in hand, he was looking to stand out, while all of the other men fell to the background for you. You slowly, nonchalantly, made your strategic chess moves across the bar towards this Adonis, who in your imagination had already made your #MCM. He noticed you and you gave him the hair toss and the “I see you but I’m not interested” look. He can’t resist! You’re on the radar, he offers you a drink, and the rest is history!

The night continues on and you engage in great conversation, he makes you laugh and you take a picture together by the clown head in the bowling alley – he seems perfect. Then he asks you that question you have been waiting for all night…

HIM: “Do you wanna come back to my place??”


HIM: “Okay, great! Well, it’s not really my place, but my parents are super cool and don’t mind! They’re probably already in bed by this time anyways.”

YOU: “Haha, okay.” (INTERNAL VOICE: “Is he serious right now?! He’s funny and shit, but not that funny.”)

PS. He’s Serious

Not quite what you wanted to hear I’m sure! It’s the same feeling you’d get if he had he told you he lived with his buddies. It’s just not ideal!

Sure, MAYBE you’ll still take him up on that offer for the night, or even a few dates, but you’d soon learn there’s a reason he still lives at home or rents a bed in a basement suite in Mayland Heights. He’s just not…let’s put this politely…”maximizing” his talents and skills. Or not so politely…he’s an irresponsible suck, milking the teets of life, and a no-good let down.

Yes, not everyone with these living situations falls into this harsh generalization but some, possibly a large percentage do. And, for those that do fall into this category, this is why you just have to get out of Mom and Pop’s pad…or any other unsexy living situation.

Let’s rewind to the time of the caveman– before the days of the Supercar, Una Pizza and online dating. Back to when life was stripped down to the bare essentials of finding a meal and surviving to the next day.

Yup, that’s right, no “#selfie”, no Tinder, no other distractions other than living!

In order to survive these times, you had to find a mate that would compliment your skills. A desirable male had to know how to start a fire to keep his hairy but attractive “snookums” warm, be able to fend off a sabre tooth tiger and be able to hunt down a meal. No delivery or take out back in those days!

Most importantly, he had to provide some form of shelter, somewhere, in some cave to call home. For these things, he was responsible.

Generations have passed since those days, yet throughout the ages the fundamentals of providing for and supporting your mate should still ring true in any serious relationship.

In today’s day and age, especially in Western Culture, we see more equality of duties in relationships where both men and women share the responsibility of providing food, safety and care. Gender roles have changed for the better and most importantly new advances in the removal of hair have helped keep the “snookems” hair-free…;)

But, at the end of the day, a HOME, however big or small, was where you took that fresh kill to for your family (and I’m not talking about that girl/guy you picked up at the bar). It’s that meal you just captured or picked up on the way home from work! Home is the foundation of a solid relationship.

Providing a home or having a home for a potential mate has always shown responsibility. It is a reflection of the deeply rooted traits and loyalty qualities you can bring to the relationship table, whether you are a man or woman.

Display these characteristics and maybe, just maybe, real blissful and a strong foundation of love can be yours.

Jimmy Olandesca  is a Realtor with Re/Max iRealty Innovations, but we happen to think he’s got some great dating advice too! To reach Jimmy for all things housing (or even dating 😉 ) visit or find him on instagram @jimmyolandesca


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