Man up & Show up


Let me just start by saying no one deserves to be a “maybe.” There might be a grace period where that person needs some time to come to a decision. But in the end you expect there to be an answer. Are you in or out?

For all the people on the receiving end never settle for a “maybe” or “I don’t know”. When you’re in a relationship you deserve a confident “yes” and even if it’s a no it is a honest “no” not a cowardly “maybe”. Everything else is a waste of your time and no body has time for that. When someone is half in it, it is essentially a daily slap in the face. Who ever you are, you should get all of someone because you deserve all of someone. Not a quarter, a tenth or a third but the entire whole being. When you make the conscious decision to be with someone who is half in it there is an imbalance of expectations and an endless amount of disappointment which in turn will lead you into resenting them down the road. This is just a molotov cocktail waiting to explode. I urge you not to partake in such destruction.

And take a moment to listen to your friends and family. They know you best, they love you best and no one wants you to be happier more than them. Take what they say into consideration when making a decision because everyone’s experience are different. If there is a general consensus that they all think this person “is sucky” a light bulb should go off.

And for all of you who “don’t know”. No one said relationships were easy and maybe this grey area does exist for you but at the end of it all you need to decide. IF you decide to be in, be all in and if you can’t then you’re a no, but you’ll be an honest no. And at the end of the day that is more respectable then being a maybe. Have enough respect for yourself and for the person to say “no” and man up and be okay with your decisions.

And for all of you who didn’t know but managed to see the light. If you decide that you then want to be with that person all I have to say is “man up and show up”. You’ve already probably put this person through a never ending ride on the ever so popular emotional rollercoaster so just be real and be ready to man up. No one forced you to make a decision you did it all on your own so be a grown up about it and show up for them. It may suck at first gaining back their trust and receiving some blow black from their friends and family but if they’re worth it won’t matter. Because would you ever want to be on the receiving end of a “maybe” or “I don’t know?”

In the wise words of Snooki.

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