The Hype Around Aerials

If you’re going to jump on a band wagon, better make it the aerial wagon.

Wait... Wtf is aerial?


Written By: Melissa Buzan

Getting fit never looked so impressive

If you’re going to jump on a band wagon, better make it the aerial wagon.

Wait… Wtf is aerial?

Well that’s pretty much what I asked Jane Tallick, owner, lead instructor, and trainer at Fit Republic. She too admitted it’s a difficult question to answer — and honestly, it’s easier shown than explained.

THIS is aerial. 

If it has to be put into words, Jane explains, aerial is a variety of exercise components used with “a hammock to help support and guide you into movements.” It looks a lot cooler than it sounds, and unlike most other forms of exercise…it’s freakin’ fun.

Calgary is just getting her hands on this, but the spark ignited in Jane a few years ago when she introduced yoga to her fitness studio. “I felt like the one thing we were really lack was mobility and flexibility, so I brought in yoga classes.” Jane says she fully believes in yoga, but her problem was her inability to “stay still”. Many of her clients had the same issue, leading Jane to look for a solution. “I’m always searching what’s going on in the industry for the newest trend or fab. That’s when I came across Anti Gravity.”

Think Pink’s 2010 Grammys performance. Gliding through the air, elegantly suspended from the ceiling, blowing everyone’s mind. Who trained her and hooked her up? Anti Gravity. Upon discovering the aerial fitness originators, Jane decided to get herself certified to teach. She’s taken courses in Vancouver, L.A., Utah, and Anti Gravity headquarters – New York. Needless to say, she’s the real MVP.

She brought the knowledge she gained, back to Calgary at Fit Republic. They offer multiple Anti Gravity classes including AirBarre, Suspension, Fundamentals, and yoga.

That’s cool and all, but what’s in it for you?

Reasons you should give aerial a try:

  • It’s probably the closest most of us will get to performing in Cirque Du Soleil
  • Zero compression inversions are great for stretching your spine
  • You can lengthen your spine. (Maybe gain an inch!?)
  • You become less stiff by rehydrating the vertebral disks
  • Poses in the hammock allow for lymphatic massages which detoxify the body
  • If you’re a yogi or fitness enthusiast, aerial will help deepen your practice
  • You can embrace the monkey in you
  • Bragging rights #humblebrag

And if you’re worried about safety, Jane will tell you the hammocks “can and have supported the weight of a baby elephant”

Excuse me?

Point is, there’s not much to worry about. Whether you have an injury, or you feel like it’s out of your element, it’s not as intimidating as it looks! All ages, genders, size and physical challenges are welcome. Take it from Jane — years ago she was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Spondylolisthesis. “I was at the point where they were going to fuse my spine straight. I was told I had the spine of an 87 year old”, but over time aerial has increased not only her strength, but mobility and condition too.

If I still haven’t convinced you, keep in mind the flood of “likes” you’ll be notified with from that wicked pose you snapped. #trending.


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