Proof: New Bar – Old World Feel

Proof is an awesome new cocktail bar in Calgary serving up old-world experiences. Come for meticulously crafted cocktails, amazing and ever-changing small plates, all available in a gorgeous, speak-easy inspired environment.


Written by: Katrina Manzocco

Cocktail culture is taking root in Calgary.

Proof is cool. Like, really cool. It’s one of those places you wouldn’t mind being seen in, if you know what I’m saying. It’s not the chain-restaurant/bar that you go to with your girlfriends to drink half-off bottles of wine every week. Proof is sleek, but also comfortable. Like your dream car. Or the world’s best outfit.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a speak-easy. The cozy space is filled with decadent leather couches, lamp lighting and intimate little tables. The bar is impressive and stretches the entirety of the main room, with seats along it, allowing patrons to watch the cocktail-magic at work. An enormous window looking out onto 1st street makes it an ideal place to people-watch.

Only as many people as there are seats are permitted in the bar. This isn’t the type of place where people fight over counter-space to get a sloppily made vodka-tonic. No Sir! Part of Proof’s mantra is no line-ups and no reservations; they are fully supportive of you taking a wander around the surrounding area while waiting for a table, and will contact you when one becomes available. Service!

The cocktail list is on point. All mixed to precision using interesting, premium ingredients and served in gorgeous, perfectly selected glassware, the drinks at Proof are an experience, not just an accompaniment to food.

That being said, the food at Proof is really great. What’s interesting about it is that it’s in constant transition; the menu is forever changing and is not posted on their website, which makes for an exciting culinary adventure each and every time you visit.

Whether you’re looking for an incredibly impressive date spot, a place to get some serious cocktails and well-crafted snacks, or have some old-world nostalgia, you should try some Proof.

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