The Improv Date: Loose Moose Theatre Company

You'll find this date very a-MOOSEing (Sorry, not sorry)

Written By: Melissa Buzan

You’ll find this date very a-MOOSEing (sorry, not sorry)

The theatrical date is cultural and enlightening, unfortunately those who can truly appreciate them are usually the only ones who understand Aristotle’s poetics. Huh? If you find “play dates” stuffy and uptight, don’t be discouraged, there’s hope for you yet. Cue in the Loose Moose Theatre Company!

Loose Moose has been on the YYC scene since 1977, brought to you by the “Father of Improv,” Keith Johnston. Johnston invented “Theatresports,” revolutionizing the way performers perform. Another cool fact is the hit show Whose Line is it Anyway was heavily influenced by Johnston and Theatresports. Only adding to his MVP status, Johnston is idolized by many, including Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk, who was recently hanging out at the Loose Moose theatre. Whoa…okay… I’m getting ahead of myself. What’s improv you say? Let me give you a run down:

Improv – it’s basically unscripted theatre, planned on the spot, creating a story in its purest form. Some of the greatest scenes, on and off camera, have been improvised. Usually with (but not always) comedic outcomes, the actors work off of each other and collaborate with the audience. Don’t worry, no one is going to force you on stage, the interaction I’m talking about is not intimidating. The Loose Moose experience is fuelled from the audience’s applause and suggestions…making you part of the act.

What is a show without an audience? Loose Moose has no problem filling their seats – even on a Calgary Flames playoff game night, they had a wicked turn out. Really? Yes, really (I was there). Once you check them out, there will no longer be a question why. Known to some as Calgary’s best kept secret, Loose Moose combines raw talent, high energy and chemistry: A brilliant trifecta, formulating the perfect date.

Sure you could choose a movie this weekend, but unlike Pitch Perfect 2 Loose Moose offers a place you can disconnect from the digital world and spend some time enjoying the excitement of improv with your honey. Lean over and say something without being shushed and LOL’ing is encouraged. The best part is this date never gets old…no two shows are the same – It’s impossible considering the dynamic. I stayed for two shows back-to-back. Same actors, but a completely different production. Both poked at my funny bone, and almost made me spit out my cream soda- also no one made fun of me for drinking cream soda.

As if getting the option of cream soda wasn’t enough (don’t worry, alcohol is also available), there are more reasons to make your next date a Loose Moose date. For one, you can’t go wrong with the price. Tickets range from 10 to 15 bucks.  You’re also allowed to bring items purchased from the concession and bar in the theatre. I need to include this fact because most performance establishments only allow food/ drink in the foyer, forcing you to chug your glass of wine – always tempting, but chugging is never good for dates.

Theatre is respected and loved, but the wonderful thing about Loose Moose is the performances are fun and appealing to a wider range of people. The actors are welcoming, relaxed and happy to share the evening with you. They enjoy their time there and guaranteed, you will too. Alright, you’re sold on it, now it’s time for you to check it out!

Visit their website for tickets and showtimes.

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