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– June 1 –

Negroni Week – June 1-7
Celebrate one of the best classic cocktails this week with over 1,300 participating bars around the world. While getting creative with this super easy cocktail with endless mix possibilities, Negroni week also aims to raise money for charities. Head out to some local spots for a perfectly mixed drink, or pick up some Campari, some Vermouth, and some Gin, and mix your own. #negroniweek

To Get Something You’ve Never Had, You Have To Do Something You’ve Never Done
In order to achieve something new, you cannot keep up the same old grind. Decide what needs to be done – and go do it. Everything you’ve been doing up to this point has landed you to right where you are – and everything you decide to do from now on can get you where you want to be.

– June 2 –

Funnyfest Calgary Comedy Festival – May 28-June 7
Funnyfest Calgary Comedy Festival is in town until June 7th. If you’re ready to laugh, you’re in luck because this event is made up of 70 performers and themes, over 11 days and nights. Turn off those Netflix comedy specials for a couple weeks and check out some live comedy while it’s here.

Grind Now, Shine Later
Everyone wants the gratification of achieving their goals, but the time to shine comes after the blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights. To achieve something great you’ve got to grind it out when no one is watching.

– June 3 –

Calgary Metal Fest Kick Off @ The Ship & Anchor Pub
Can’t wait for Metal Fest? Get it started with the kick off party at The Ship & Anchor. The show starts at 9pm and cover is free. Take in five bands and get stoked for Calgary Metal Fest 2015.

When You Do What Comes From Your Soul – People Really Dig That Shit
Have you ever noticed that there is something so attractive about people who do what they love? People want to be around them, people want to be a part of the work they produce. People dig inspired work – so go do what moves you, people will notice.

–  June 4 –

Women of Influence Luncheon Series
A favorite speaker of the Women of Influence community, Dr. Liane Davey has the keen ability to help “lead people into and through the discomfort” in order to come out on top. Join her on June 4th, for an honest, insightful, and transformative keynote that will quite literally change the way you work within your team.

Dress How You Would Like To Be Dealt With
The way you dress not only tells people how to treat you – it makes you exude certain energies. If you look great, you feel great. If you dress like you’re put together, you feel like you’re put together. If you dress like a mess, you feel like a mess. Decide how you want to be treated, and dress accordingly.

– June 5 –

Come down to the Broken City roof top patio for a night of live music to benefit The Kids Cancer Care Foundation. At only $10, and sponsored by BRANDED, Off The Map, and 10@10, it’s guaranteed to be a great time. The roster includes local artists such as Justine Tyrell, Amelie Patterson, and Armoury.

Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle
The people who are out there hustling every day are the people who get what they want. They work hard, they meet goals, and they shine brighter. Get out there and hustle for what you want, and it’s only a matter of time before the good will start to roll in.

–  June 6 –

Sip, Sample, and Support @ The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame
Parkinsons Alberta will be hosting the second annual Sip, Sample, and Support at The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. The evening begins at 6pm and will be hosted in the Grand Hall. There will be a selection of appetizers and wine available as you peruse the silent and live auctions. 50/50 draw tickets will be sold throughout the evening and guests will be given free admission to the museum. A special surprise guest will also make an appearance at the event.

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It
The place where you focus your energy is the place that will flourish. If you want a positive area of your life to grow, start focusing more of your efforts toward it. If you want a negative area of your life to fade away, stop focusing on it. You’ve only got so much to give, so give it to the places that you want to see grow.

– June 7 –

Hula Hoop Workshop with LUNA
If you’ve wanted to try something new, and fun, and exciting, this workshop is for you. Participating Hoopers will learn roll, doubles, yoga hooping, and so much more. This three hour event will start your summer off right.

Someone Who Feels Appreciated Will Always Do More Than You Expect
When you make the people around you feel appreciated, you’ll be surprised at what they’re willing to do for you. Whether you’ve got a staff or a family to care for, you’ll live an easier and happier life if you treat them as though you appreciate everything they do for you. When people feel appreciated, they’re much more likely to volunteer their effort.

– June 8 –

Village of the Damned Mondays @ The Blind Monk
Village beer is on special for $5.50 all day, and mini burgers and mini spolumbos are only 99 cents each from 4pm-close. 99 cents – This is not a drill.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work
You can only get so far on your own when it comes to pulling off major projects. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, people who work just as hard as you, and people who have the same passions and drive. Teamwork and asking for help is not weakness, it is strength. We are all stronger when we lift each other up.

– June 9 –

Prosecco Cocktail Competition @ Willow Park Wine and Spirits
A few of the city’s most talented bartenders will be competing in the Summer Cocktail Competition using sparkling Prosecco. Get down to Willow Park Wine and Spirits to be a part of the judging panel for this deliciously refreshing competition.

Sweat More, Bitch Less
The more you think about – and bitch about – your workout, the less you’ll want to do it, and the more painful it will be. You will never feel worse after a workout, and you will never regret having done it. So get your sweat on – and love it.

– June 10 –

Philips Summer Takeover
Head down to National on 17th for the Phillips Brewing Tap Takeover. While you’re there, enter to win a trip for two to the Phillips Backyard Weekender music festival in Victoria. The party starts at 6pm.

Everything In Life Is About Balance
A go hard or go home attitude is great, but life is also about balance. So if you’re going hard at work, go hard with your downtime as well. Wo(Man) cannot live on spinach alone, but Wo(Man) cannot live on beer and pizza either. Do your best to mix it up and you’ll feel much more like you’ve got it together.

– June 11 –

Adults Only Night @ Telus Spark
This Thursday at Adult Only night at Telus Spark is your chance to check out the traveling exhibition, Dinosaurs In Motion. There will be hands-on activities, a licensed bar service, and music throughout the evening.

Stop Coasting, and Start Crushing Life
If you can’t remember the last time you tried something new, or the last time you pushed yourself to achieve something you really wanted – You’re coasting. It’s time to start crushing life – starting today. Crushing life doesn’t have to involve major life changes, just conscious efforts to make your life into one that you’re stoked to live each day.

– June 12 –

Purity Ring @ MacEwan Hall
Check out Purity Ring at Mac Hall for great times and even better beats. You’re going to want to catch this show.

The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time
If you spend an entire day working on a hobby that you love, or simply catching up on your favorite show, and you enjoyed every second of it, then you have wasted nothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your life – go easy on yourself. We all get much too caught up in being productive and forget to just live life and enjoy the little things. #sorrynotsorry

– June 13 –

Le Cirque de la Nuit – Aerialis
Flames Central will be transformed for a night with Le Cirque de la Nuit – Aerialis. This show promises not to disappoint with aerialists, great music, and more.

Failure Is Part Of the Process
The fear of failing often stops us from applying for jobs, talking to that guy or girl in the bar, or growing creatively. If you haven’t failed lately, you could probably afford to put yourself out there a little more. Failure means that you’re trying – and the more you try, the more you will succeed and grow.

– June 14 –

Hog Hack Spring Classic
The Hog Hack Spring Classic is back and better than ever. The Pig & Duke 9-hole golf tournament will be held at Harvest hills golf course. Lunch will be served on the course and a BBQ dinner will follow at The Pig & Duke. There will be prizes and trophies to be won, and there are only 72 spots available so don’t leave it to the last minute get your tickets and get on the green. 

Decide You Want It More Than You Fear It
Being fearless does not mean that you have no fear – Being fearless means that you have fears, but you jump anyway. The decision to be fearless is just that – a decision. Decide that the desire for the end game of your choice is stronger than the fear of failing or the fear of the grind it will take to get there.

– June 15 –

Comedy Monday at Broken City 
No matter how impressive your weekend was, you never seem to get enough of those good vibes before Monday comes crashing in. This Monday, keep the good times rolling with Comedy Night at Broken City. Highballs are on special and cover is only $5.

You Can’t Do Epic Shit With Basic People
You just can’t – If you have ideas and plans for some epic shit, you need to surround yourself with people whom you trust, people who inspire you, people who have the same vision as you, people who lift you up, people who are willing to grind out the work, and people who are not ok with being basic.

– June 16 –

Perfectly Paired Poutine @ Willow Park Wine and Spirits
The first poutine pairing class was such a hit that they’ve brought it back for a second round. If you’re into poutine as much as we are, you won’t want to miss out on the traditional and creative poutines that will be paired perfectly with craft beer, wine, and cocktails.

In Order To Be Irreplaceable, You Must Be Different
If you’re not different, you’re a dime a dozen. If you want to be irreplaceable, you must differentiate yourself and stand out. Whether it’s at work or at home – be uniquely the best version of you, and people will take notice.

– June 17 –

Ed Sheeran @ The Saddledome
If you’ve ever seen Ed Sheeran live, he was likely the opening act who stole the show. Now he’s headlining his own tour, and it is well deserved. This handsome ginger is incredibly talented and holds his own – solo on stage. If you’ve never experience his live show, you’re in for a treat.

Work Hard And Be Nice To People
This is a powerful combination. If you treat people with respect, speak to them like they matter, make them feel heard, and work hard at what you do, you will be successful. People always remember they way you make them feel – And hard work goes without saying.

– June 18 –

Couples Retreat – Parisian Picnic @ Willow Park Wine and Spirits
The Parisian Picnic will transport you to France with a Parian inspired picnic pairing class. You will be led through a multi-course picnic, paired with a wonderful selection of French wines. This is picnicking in style.

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do
Anyone who is living out their dream will tell you that it was not handed to them – they worked for it. Your dreams are attainable if you’re willing to put in the work. The entrepreneurial spirit is one that has to be able to keep swimming against the current.

– June 19 –

Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Mosaic Stadium
Road trip! Nothing says summer like a road trip – So get going to Mosaic Stadium and bring the Red. Go Stampeders Go!

Life’s A Party, Dress Like It
We’re here for a good time, not a long time. If you want to wear a backwards hat and some chucks, go for it. If you wear a pretty pump with a tailored trouser and blazer, you can easily get away with a fun T-shirt underneath. If you love a poncho and a headband with cat ears, don’t let anyone stop you – Life’s a party, dress like it.

– June 20 –

Lobsterfest YYC – June 20-21
This Father’s day weekend, take a jaunt up to Market on Macleod for Billingsgate’s Market Inaugural Lobsterfest. Presented in partnership with BRANDED Magazine, Date Night YYC, and Village Brewery, this surf inspired bash will feature live tunes, a beer garden, and a lobster fest you won’t forget. Your $25 ticket includes one fresh lobster plus a side dish and a bib. A cash bar will be available for beer and wine. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Calgary Firefighters Burn Unit.

Attitude Is The Difference Between An Ordeal And An Adventure
If you’re snowed off the highway to Edmonton and you’re spending the night in Red Dear, you can either have a terrible time, or laugh it off and have fun rolling with the adventure. This applies to any roadblock in life, big or small. There will inevitably be times when things are upsetting, but it’s how you decide to react that will dictate the way that the event affects you at the time, and going forward. A happy, positive, exciting life is yours for the taking.

– June 21 –

Commonwealth Collectors Club – June Edition
If you haven’t been to a Commonwealth Collectors Club yet, you’ll want to make it to this one. The curated seasonal market features local art, handmade goods, records, and so many more interesting and artistic goods. Original and new vendors will be selling at the event, while DJs spin records and the bar serves up mimosas. Admission is only $3, and it runs from 1pm-6pm.

We Are Our Choices. Make Them Consciously.
We make hundreds of choices every day without even really thinking about them. Imagine what your life would look like if you were more conscious about your choices. It would probably look a lot more like you want it to. Make a conscious effort to be present in your day and your choices, and your life will begin to reflect that.

– June 22 –

Plank Mondays @ Cleaver
Order up the plank at Cleaver on Mondays and feast on its gourmet fixings like rotisserie chicken, steak, fries, salad, and more – And then roll the dice. If lady luck is on your side, you’ll roll evens and enjoy your plank on the house. If not – better luck next time.

If You Are Persistent, You Will Get It. If You Are Consistent, You Will Keep It
There is nothing more normal on the road to success than failure. If you never fail, you are not putting yourself out there. The people who have found incredible success are not necessarily more gifted than others, however they are absolutely more persistent than most. The struggle is real, and not giving in is the key to success. Once you get to where you want to be, it is easy to become complacent and stop putting in the effort that it took to get there. If you want to keep, and expand on everything that you’ve worked for, you must be consistent in your efforts.

– June 23 –

Sled Island Kick-Off Party @ Commonwealth
Kick off Sled Island right at Commonwealth with The Courtneys, Cousins, and more. If you can’t wait till tomorrow, get it started tonight – We’ll see you there.

A lot Can Happen In A Year
This is something that is apparent to some and not to others. If your life hasn’t changed much lately, then you may have a harder time visualizing your life differently, but it is very possible to completely change your life in just one year. Set some attainable goals, and one step at a time your life can be unrecognizable by next year – If that is what you want to achieve.

– June 24 –

Sled Island Music & Arts Festival – June 24-28
Sled Island is an annual music and arts festival featuring over 250 bands, plus film, art, comedy, and more across 30+ venues in Calgary. Get Stoked! – It starts today.

Be The Person You Were Too Lazy To Be Yesterday
There’s nothing wrong with having a lazy day as long as you get back in the saddle. If you were too lazy to get that to-do list done yesterday, crush it today. Make a plan, do one thing at a time, and get those boxes checked off. If you missed that workout to drink wine and watch Netflix, it’s time to be that stair crushing beauty that you know you are – Today. 

– June 25 –

Dancer’s Studio West Presents Mythbehavin’ – June 25-27
Check out this talented crew of dancers in their latest production – Mythbehavin’. Dancer’s Studio West invites you to truly experience performance, and to be affected each time to go to the theatre.

There Are Two Types Of People In This World – People You Want To Drink With, And People Who Make You Want To Drink
There’s no doubt that this brings certain people to mind right away. The ones you thought of right away whom you want to grab a drink with and have a laugh with – Call them up. The ones you thought of right away who make you want to pour a four-finger drink, and whom you dread the thought of being around – Get rid of ‘em. You do not need to keep people around who make you need a drink – life is too short.

– June 26 –

Calgary Stampeders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ McMahon Stadium
Friday + Summer + Football Game + Beer – You can’t go wrong. Pick up some tickets and cheer on the Stamps at McMahon this Friday.

It’s Better To Be Absolutely Ridiculous Than Absolutely Boring
There is no point in being absolutely boring in this life. Spice it up, have some fun, and be a big kid sometimes. As you get older, you realize that there is no truer saying than “We’re here for a good time, not a long time”. Don’t waste it being absolutely boring.

– June 27 –

Food Truck Frenzy – June 26-28
YYC Food Trucks brings you another Food Truck Frenzy to satisfy your food truck cravings – all in one place. All of your favorites will be there – both savory and sweet.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy
Your accomplishments and your growth is only relevant to who you were yesterday. There will always be someone faster, stronger, more successful, and further along in some way than you are – And this has nothing to do with you. Focus on yourself and be proud of the steps you have taken, and the goals you have reached. If you are better than you were yesterday, you’re winning.

– June 28 –

Food Truck Frenzy – June 26-28
YYC Food Trucks brings you another Food Truck Frenzy to satisfy your food truck cravings – all in one place. All of your favorites will be there – both savory and sweet.

It’s All Messy – The Hair, The Words, The Heart – Life.
Some days, they’re all messy at once. The messy parts of life are the parts that allow us to grow, and the parts that change us for the better. The attitude at which we approach the mess is key. When your attitude is on point, the messy bits are the best bits.

– June 29 –

Made With Love – Calgary Finals
This annual event showcases our city’s best mixologists and craft-cocktail scene. 16 of Calgary’s own will present their creations for attendees to enjoy and vote for their favorites. This cocktail loving event runs from 6pm-10pm at Art Commons.  

If You Are Brave, You Are Free
When you are brave, nothing can hold you back. Once you realize that fear is what allows you to be brave, and you take it on as a challenge, you will no longer be held back. The freedom to do what you love, and build a life that you are stoked to live – begins with being brave.

– June 30 –

Punk Rock Bingo @ The Oak Tree Tavern
Tired of Taco Tuesday? Head over to The Oak Tree Tavern in Kensington for an evening of Punk Rock Bingo. Play for cool prizes and enjoy some drink specials all night.

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For
This is one of the best and all encompassing pieces of advice. Today is the same as every other day will be. You most likely won’t feel like working out today, or doing those difficult things that need to be done, but sometimes you need to be your own best friend on this one. Think of how great you would feel if you had gotten it all done yesterday. Well today is just a yesterday in the making.

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