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Let your secret be XO Treatment Room - Advocates of the P.Y.T. cause


Advocates of the P.Y.T. cause

“Oh my god! You’re skin is amazing! What do you use? What’s your secret?!”

What’s your secret?

The question we all hope to be asked – especially about our skin – but rarely get the pleasure. I’ll have you know all that can change. How would it feel to have your inner insecurities silenced,  and replaced with affirmations of that good-looking self of yours? The answer lies within a visit to XO Treatment Room.

We all have our problems spots that remedies from Pinterest can’t always fix. XO can help with just about all of them. Their specialized cures include laser, peel, facial and body treatments. XO is staffed with highly trained medical professionals using only the industries finest products and equipment. Whether you’re rocking your 20’s, 30’s 40’s or 50’s, XO has the knowledge of what you need, because we all know how sh*tty it feels to pay for $100 face wash and mask ( that is not the XO way). XO means business and you’ll see your results before your next insta story.  The staff understands everyone of every age requires particular attention. Your time is valuable and will not be wasted – Every appointment is filled with the appropriate required skin therapy, and tips to keep your glow lasting longer – which inevitably will cause inner-self radiance, as well. In an effort to make the world a prettier place, free consultations are offered, followed by customized skin care programs. But just in case you were in doubt, XO proves they know what turning heads is all about.

The appeal of XO takes no convincing.  Located downtown in what some call “Calgary’s Prettiest Neighbourhood”,  XO makes the most out of the labels and stuns customers with their gorgeous studio. The glam starts from the moment you walk-in as you’re surrounded with beautiful decor seen right to their treatment rooms, continuing with you out the doors. The whole experience is fit for a queen – and by that who else could I mean but  y o u.

Stocked with amazing products including the talented Kat Radu’s, celebrity facialist and bombshell and B.Kamins – you’ll keep that glow on the go.

“Drink from the fountain of youth,” usually gives off a creepy vibe, but in this case it’s one of the most sincere invitations in YYC. So leave people in awe and let your secret be XO Treatment Room.


XO Treatment Room 


1306 1st Street SW


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