The Ideal Stampede Date

We made a list of the perfect places to go on a Stampede Date. Yeeeeehaw!


It’s Stampede time again, the only time of the year when you feel like you’re in an epic honky-tonk country music video for 10 days straight. So grab your other half and saddle up, because partner—it’s time for the biggest show on earth.

Your date should begin how every date probably should—with pancakes. After you hit up a free pancake breakfast (or four), you can head to the stampede grounds and let the debauchery commence. Here is our Stampede Date low down—we highlighted some of the best shenanigans so you can skip the Mini Donkey Show (although that does sound intriguing) and enjoy the fun both on and off the grounds.

OK, so the Sneak-a-Peek on July 2 is going to be awesome, I mean, there’s a female Human Cannonball performing. You can also catch Juno Award winner Corb Lund backed by The Hurtin’ Albertans perform at Nashville North.

The Midway
After the famous Stampede parade hit up the grounds and go on some rides. We recommend the Wave Swinger so you can get a birds-eye view of the grounds (and the drunk people stumbling). Afterwards impress your date by winning a giant panda from one of the games—guys, I’m looking at you.

Take a break from the craziness and grab some Stampede food: you’ll love it at the time and regret it later—but remember, you only live once. Some of the tasty treats available this year include Mini Doughnut Popsicles, Cockroach Pizza, and Red Velvet Chicken Strips.

Ranchman’s Glowdeo
Take your date somewhere they’ve never been before—the Glowdeo. On July 3 paint your boots with glow-in-the-dark paint and head to Ranchman’s for this glow party/hoedown hybrid extravaganza.

Bust Loose’s Club Crawl
On July 4 take part in Calgary’s Largest Club Crawl. Hang onto your cowboy hat—if Bust Loose’s world famous crawl is anything like last year, you’ll feel like you’re on a all-night buckin’ bronco ride—yeehaw!

Every night there will be performers rocking out on one of the four Stampede stages: OK GO, Lights, Blue Rodeo, Sam Hunt, Chad Brownlee, and the Sheepdogs are a handful of names who will be gracing the stages throughout the 10 days.

Pre/Post Stampede Hangouts
If you get thirsty the Wildhorse Saloon is in the heart of downtown Calgary. Head there to grab a beer from one of the venue’s seven bars and get your two-step on.

Also, the Hifi Club is the perfect place to wrap up week one of Stampede on July 5 for Sunday Skool with DJ Rice. And if you need to take a break from the action at any point, make a beeline to the nearest patio- we recommend National, Anejo, Wurst, or The Ship & Anchor.

Whatever you decide to do during your Stampede Date will surely be memorable. But if you feel like making a long-lasting memory, try eating a Footlong Pizza Dog with your date Lady-and-the-Tramp style—talk about romantic.

For all things stampede-related head to the official website and get the details.

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