This One’s For The Girls

Why you should think about attending WILB 2015.


Written By: Katie Tetz

Pumpkin Spice isn’t the only thing around the corner. The 5th Annual Women In Leadership and Business Conference is coming your way this November.

You’re busy. You’re motivated. You need to get sh*t done.

We hear ya. If you’ve been looking for something that will let you focus on yourself and your business while also maximizing your time, energy and resources, we’ve got something for you.

Enter the 2015 Women in Leadership and Business Conference happening November 23rd & 24th.

The point: To grow your business and advance your career. Who doesn’t want a little more of that? Think of it like a one stop shop to receive everything you need to get ahead, and stay ahead.

The conference includes a total of 12 workshops and keynotes, focusing on current business and leadership topics. All of this amazing build-your-business content is brought to you by experts, authors, and accomplished business gurus from Canada and the US. You’ll get to participate in discussions and networking, leaving you feeling connected to other go-getter babes like yourself.

It’s a work shop style conference, so this means it’s designed to focus on real-life, timely ideas, and resources that will get your ideas into action fast. Learn and flex your leadership skills, market your brand and business, get noticed by the right people, and have greater influence and impact on your team.

                                                                                  Picture yourself with this much bad ass business swag after attending WILB 2015.                                                                                    Picture yourself with this much bad ass business swag after attending WILB 2015.

Who, me? 

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, middle manager, or a leader of any kind, you’re invited! Or, if you just want to figure out what the people who are killin’ it know, you’ll likely find out here.

#allofthetools #alloftheknowledge

It’s a conference to jump start, re-focus, re-energize, and grow.

Make it happen.

If this sounds like the next best step for you and your career, click here for registration details. 

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