Trivia Night: Seinfeld 2.0


Trivia Night: Seinfeld 2.0 edition Q & A

On Tuesday, October 11th, we threw down some serious Seinfeld trivia at WURST. Here are the questions and answers in case you wanted to check your answers, quiz your homies, or reminisce on all your favourite Seinfeld moments.

Round 1: George

1. What dessert does George get caught eating out of a trash can while at his girlfriend’s mother’s apartment?
A. Eclair
B. Pastry
C. Jelly Donut
D. Chocolate Bar

2. What is the name of Elaine’s boyfriend who George has a man crush on?
A. Jason
B. Zach
C. John
D. Tony

3. When George leaves his girlfriend an embarrassing voicemail, what signal word does he scream to Jerry when he’s switching George’s girlfriends answering machine tape?
A. Hip Hurray
B. Tippy Toe
C. Jibber Jabber
D. Whistle

4. When George and Jerry debate on if they’d rather date a deaf woman or a blind woman, which one does George choose?
A. A deaf woman
B. A blind woman

5. Remember when George decides to put his life up against an old couple who underwent a shipwreck to see who ultimately had suffered more? What was the name of that shipwreck?
A. The Apollo
B. The SS Sopona
C. The Andrea Doria
D. The Wychwood

6. How did George get fired from Pendant Publishing?
A. Pretending to be handicapped
B. Sleeping with the cleaning woman
C. Sleeping with his secretary
D. Sleeping under his desk

7. What does George claim he did for Vandela Industries?
A. Latex Salesman
B. Floor Manager
C. Gortex Salesman
D. Marine Biologist

8. Which religion does George convert to for a woman?
A. Greek Orthodox
B. Latvian Orthodox
C. Moravaian Orthodox
D. Judaism

9. George almost gets kicked out of his gym for violating what policy?
A. Leaving sweat on a workout machine
B. Peeing in the shower
C. Stealing food
D. Looking at people while showering

10. When George is struggling with his sexuality, what boxer does he feel uncomfortable admitting has a nice body?
A. Mike Tyson
B. Muhammad Ali
C. Evander Holyfield
D. Lennox Lewis

Round 2: Elaine

1. What magazine does Elaine’s communist boyfriend subscribe to?
A. Communism Weekly
B. The Daily Commy
C. The Daily Worker
D. Communist America

2. Where does The Maestro take Elaine for a long weekend?
A. Paris
B. Tuscany
C. India

3. What is The Maestro’s real name?
A. Joe Devola
B. Kenny Banya
C. Bob Cobb
D. Bob Sacamanto

4. What song causes one of Elaine’s boyfriends to go into a trance?
A. Witchy Woman
B. Desperado
C. I Believe I Can Fly
D. Midnight Cowboy

5. What gift did Elaine give Tim Watley that eventually got re-gifted?
A. Camera
B. Pasta Maker
C. Label Maker
D. Suspenders

6. What did Jerry trick Elaine into thinking the original title for War and Peace was?
A. Peace and War
B. War Stinks
C. Boo War
4. War, what is it good for?

7. Where does David Putty take Elaine for lunch when Jerry is car shopping?
A. Arby’s
B. McDonald’s
C. Olive Garden
D. Mendy’s

8. What are the names of Elaine’s bizarro friends?
A. Frank, Sid, and Michael
B. Kevin, Gene, and Feldman
C. Gene, Jerome, and Fordman
D. John, Frank, and Cedric

9. What does Elaine get mad at her boyfriend for leaving out of a note?
A. A time and date
B. A question mark
C. An exclamation mark
D. An underline

10. Who is on the cover of the TV Guide Elaine takes from George’s parents house?
A. Kelsey Grammar
B. Martha Stewart
C. Tim Brokaw
D. Al Roker

Round 3: Kramer

1. In a trade with Newman, what does Kramer get in exchange for his radar detector?
A. Sausage maker
B. Joseph’s magic technicolor dream coat
C. Motorcycle helmet
D. Bicycle

2. What coffee company does Kramer sue after spilling one on himself while sneaking it into a movie theatre?
A. JavaWorld
B. Starbucks
C. Hot Java
D. Coffee House

3. What brand of golf ball does Kramer sink in the whales blowhole that George would eventually remove?
A. Callaway
B. Bridgestone
C. Wilson
D. Titleist

4. What condition is Kramer assigned when him and Mickey sign up to be practice patients for student doctors?
A. Chlamydia
B. Hepatitis
C. Pneumonia
D. Melanoma

5. What is Kramer’s mom’s first name?
A. Kathy
B. Babs
C. Barbara
D. Estelle

6. What fragrance does Calvin Klein steal from Kramer?
A. The Sea
B. The Beach
C. The Sand
D. The Man

7. What fruit market does Kramer, and eventually Jerry, get banned from?A
A. John’s Fruit Stand
B. Mike’s Fruit Stand
C. Tim’s Fruit Stand
D. Joe’s Fruit Stand

8. Where did Kramer work before he went on strike?
A. H & H Bagels
B. Lenny’s Bagels
C. H & S Sandwiches
D. Henry’s Lunch Spot

9. When Kramer accidentally drops a Junior Mint into someone’s body during a surgery, what surgery was the patient undergoing?
A. Splenectomy
B. Nephrectomy
C. Cancer Removal
D. Stomach Surgery

10. What television show did Kramer play a brief role on?
A. Cheers
B. Frasier
C. Murphy Brown

Round 4: Jerry

1. What pro baseball player prematurely asks Jerry to help him move?
A. Joe Mayo
B. Keith Hernandez
C. Alex Rodriguez
D. Mike Piazza

2. What movie was Jerry forced to bootleg at gun point?
A. Sack Lunch
B. Death Blow
C. Rochelle Rochelle
D. Predator

3. What movie did Jerry’s parents eventually find out he made out with a woman through?
A. Schindler’s List
B. Titanic
C. Rochelle Rochelle
D. Checkmate

4. What are the names of Jerry’s building managers?
A. Harold and Ralph
B. Harold and Manny
C. Bob and Babu
D. He didn’t have a building manager

5. What was the name of the woman Jerry dated that rhymed with a part of the female anatomy?
A. Mulva
B. Regina
C. Deloris
D. Celeste

6. Who forces Jerry to take him out to dinner in exchange for an Armani suit?
A. Kenny Banya
B. Bob Sacamano
C. David Puddy
D. Frank Costanza

7. Where is the REAL location of Jerry’s apartment?
B. New York
C. Detroit
D. Toronto

8. How long did Jerry go without throwing up?
A. Since kindergarten
B. 14 years
C. 10 years
D. It’s been so long he can’t remember

9. What is the name of Jerry’s mysterious disease that makes him unable to hold his urine?
A. Urinary Impulitis
B. Uromysitisis Poisoning
C. Ambiguous Uranus
D. Uranium Syndrome

10. What object does Jerry place on Elaine’s lap that makes her laugh uncontrollably?
A. A yo-yo
B. A condom
C. A pez dispenser
D. Junior Mints


Round 1: 1-1. A, 1-2. D, 1-3. B, 1-4. B, 1-5. C, 1-6. B, 1-7. A, 1-8. B, 1-9. B, 1-10. C
Round 2: 2-1. C, 2-2. B, 2-3. C, 2-4. B, 2-5. C, 2-6. D, 2-7. A, 2-8. B, 2-9. C, 2-10. D
Round 3. 3-1. C, 3-2. A, 3-3. D, 3-4. A, 3-5. B, 3-6. B, 3-7. D, 3-8. A, 3-9. A, 3-10. C
Round 4: 4-1. B, 4-2. B, 4-3. A, 4-4. B, 4-5. C, 4-6. A, 4-7. A, 4-8. B, 4-9. B, 4-10. C

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