10 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

10 awesome Halloween costume ideas guaranteed to impress your friends and keep your budget in check


Get into the Halloween spirit with these 10 awesome Halloween Costume ideas for 2016. From Netflix and Chill to Bill Clinton and his balloons, one thing is for sure – you’ll want to dress up as every one of these. The best part is these costumes are sure to impress your homies and keep your budget in check.

1. Kimye “Just Married” 

Recreate this look

2. Suicide Squad – The Joker and Harley Quinn

Pick up this look from Party City

3. Bill Clinton and His Balloons

Recreate this look

4. Kanye West “Famous” Video

Recreate this look

5. Britney and Justin (The Denim Outfit)

Recreate this look

6. ‘Pokemon Go’ Inspired Costumes

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7. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Recreate this look

8. “Hold Up” Beyonce

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9. Arthur and Buster

10. Netflix and Chill

Recreate this look

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