5 Things Everyone’s Talking About This Week

From the Super Moon to Samsung's Acquisition, here's what everyone's talking about this week. 


Written by: Rachel Antony

From the Super Moon to Samsung’s Acquisition, here’s what everyone’s talking about this week.

1. Snapchat Sunglasses

In an effort to keep people interested in snapping, the company has released sunglasses with built-in cameras that allow you to post directly to Snapchat. All of your cool (or not cool) videos and photos of your life can be automatically uploaded without having to take the time to open the app on your phone. Our question is, how do you take a puppy-filtered selfie when the camera is pointing outward on the glasses? We need to test these bad boys out before we’re completely sold.

2. Samsung’s Acquisition

On Monday, Samsung announced it’s buying Harman International for a mere $8 billion, a company that makes the technology found in cars. Maybe they’ve decided phones just aren’t really their thing and want to focus on something bigger and better. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be making cars, but it’s joining its rivals like Google and Apple in the automobile industry. Samsung’s probably hoping it will distract from its exploding phone issue. 

3. Tinder’s New Update

Tinder used to only give users a choice between choosing man or woman as sexual identity which was frustrating to users. Tinder has aligned with GLAAD’s Nick Adams, director of programs of transgender media; Alex Schmider, senior strategist of transgender media; and Andrea James, trans advocate, producer, director and consultant. Now users can select any term that best describes their gender identity when signing up for the app. #alltypesallswipes

4. Super Mario Run

Now that Pokemon Go is virtually extinct, we are looking for the next new thing to waste our time on. Fear not, Super Mario Run is being released just in time for the holidays, so families will no longer have to talk to each other. The game will drop December 15 for iOS (but not Android), but you have to pay $10 to unlock the full game. Let the nostalgia games begin.

5. The Super Moon

Did you get a glimpse of the super moon on Monday? It’s the closest the moon has been to the Earth since 1948 so sky watchers everywhere got super excited and set up their cameras to capture the rare event. ICYMI, Google can show you what it looked like. It won’t be this close again until 2034, so mark that on your calendars.

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