5 Things Everyone’s Talking About This Week


Published by: Rachel Antony

From new iOS emojis to new Starbucks holiday cups, here’s what everyone’s talking about this week so you can look smart and impress your date. 

1. New Emojis

Ah finally we can face palm properly, no more of that monkey hiding it’s eyes. Apple announced the new emojis it will be releasing with the next update – iOS 10.2, and I know which ones will be in my most used section. What we can also look forward to are the shrug, fingers crossed and avocado emoji. These are all the ones that we got super pumped about in the summer and now will finally be able to use them. All women out there can rejoice at the added female versions of all the emojis including a firefighter, mechanic and scientist. Thanks for catching up with the times Apple.

2. World Series

Tonight’s game is going to be killer; we’re looking at two teams who haven’t won the World Series in over 50 years battling it out in Game 7. It’s been a close run with 6 exciting games leading up to this moment. As much as we were all rooting for the Jays, you can’t deny that this isn’t one of the best World Series matchups. Get your popcorn kids, this one’s going to be a gooder.

3. Starbucks New Cup Design

Now that Halloween has passed the countdown to Christmas has begun (51 days to be exact), the release of Starbucks holiday cups has arrived. Just like every other year with a new design, the internet has very strong opinions about what the coffee giant puts on the cups. Remember last year, when they were just plain red cups and people thought they were anti-Christmas? This year’s cup has a 100 different faces drawn with one continuous pen stroke demonstrating Starbucks’ connection with the community. The internet is outraged that the cups are green and not red for Christmas…but fear not Twitter, photos were released of boxes says “no peaking until November 9.”

4. New MacBook

Apple presented it’s long and anticipated updated MacBook last week, a thinner and lighter version of the old one. Many people have expressed their distaste for the simplified options like less ports for external technology. Plus you are now limited to the USB-C option, and having to carry around the necessary adapter to use regular USB products. Obviously there’s pros and cons to the latest release, but what they should be concerned about is the competition finally getting on their level and offering up some solid alternatives.

5. New Student Loan Rules

The government has updated rules regarding student loans, requiring people to start paying them back after they start making $25,000 a year as opposed to the original $20,210. This will help reduce the panic amongst new graduates who cannot yet afford to be forking over monthly loan payments. There is also a new repayment assistance plan in case you still can’t pay it. Things are looking up for #HelpMeImPoor grads.

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