3 Reasons You Need to be at Kanye + Karma

Come up in the spot lookin' extra fly with your best workout outfit, yoga mat and Kanye-confident attitude.

Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye and take a little me time at our Kanye + Karma Yoga and Brunch. Come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly with your best workout outfit, yoga mat and Kanye-confident attitude. This yoga class is different from any yoga class you’ve been too – where else do you get to move through sun salutation while listening to Life of Pablo? Here are three reasons why you need to be there:

1. You’re looking for a non-yawn inducing yoga class

If you think yoga is boring and can barely stay awake until savasana (where you do fall asleep), this class is for you. We can guarantee you will get a good flow and won’t even think about yawning because you’ll be rapping along to Kanye in your head with killer beats by DJ ROYLT. All we can picture is Yeezy moving into warrior two – we don’t know if you should channel your inner Kanye for a peaceful practice, but he would tell you to hold that pose like you invented it.

Adriana Britton from Junction 9 will be leading us through a mindful practice that will leave you uplifted and revitalized. With over 20 years experience her philosophy and love for Yoga is rooted in using her practice to get strong, to heal, and to connect.

2. You are in search of fellow Yeezy fans

Whether you roll out your mat beside them or clink your mimosas, you have ample opportunity to connect and network with fellow Kanye supporters. There are the people you don’t have to explain Kanye’s reason for being Kanye. The key to a good relationship is finding something you have in common, right?

3. You just really love brunch

And we don’t blame you, we’re there for the food too. After an hour long flow class, you’ll be seriously hungry for some power. The talented Chef Pigot from Home and Away will be creating a custom brunch for us. Avoid food FOMO and pre-order.

We’ll be stretching it out at Commonwealth Bar & Stage on Saturday, October 21st at 11:00am, brunch starts at 12:15pm. Get your tickets here.

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