4 Healthy Summer Barbecue Alternatives

Impress your friend with these light, low-cal, beautifully-presented options.

Headed to a barbecue at your friend’s place but you’re not sure what to bring? Sure, hot dogs are great and all, but what if you could bring something that’s just as delicious, if not better, and it was a healthier alternative? Summer is probably the best time of year, but it does bring out a lot of calorie-rich foods that are hard on our bodies. Whether you need to bring an appetizer, salad, main or dessert, here are some healthy alternatives to classic barbecue favourites so that you can impress your friends with at your next social gathering.

French Onion Dip with Caramelized Onions

Who says you can’t have dip when you’re on a diet? This French onion dip is low-cal, full of flavour and every bit as tasty as the real thing. Sub your high-fat ingredients with Greek yogurt paired with fresh thyme to create a delectable blend. Pair this healthy alternative with vegetables to dip and you’ve got yourself one healthy appetizer that people will be munchin’ down in no time.

Creamy Skinny Coleslaw Recipe

Instead of making a heavy potato or macaroni salad, pair your burger and fries with a healthy coleslaw recipe. Skip the full-fat mayo, Miracle Whip or bottled salad dressing and try this homemade Greek yogurt and apple cider vinegar creation. This light, creamy, low-cal coleslaw recipe will fool anyone into thinking that it’s the real deal.

Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers

Skip the heavy beef burgers and high-fat sausages this time around – making your own turkey burgers is actually quite simple! Follow this recipe for a fail-proof plan, or throw in some of your own favourite herbs and finely-chopped veggies to make it your own. Save calories and still truly enjoy your food with this hearty recipe. To make it even more healthy, buy some crisp romaine instead of buns and make it a lettuce burger.

Perfect Summer Fruit Salad

The end of the night arrives and everyone’s craving something sweet. Steer clear of the ice creams, puddings, heavy pies and flaky crusts – instead, break out the fruit. Sure, fruit is still sweet but with no added sugar, it can be a great alternative. Slice it into wedges, chop it up and make a fruit salad, perhaps you cover it with yogurt and eat it with a spoon. This recipe calls for lemon zest, vanilla extract, orange zest and fruit juices – we know, we’re drooling too.

Summer doesn’t have to be all about indulging in rich, heavy foods – try one of these healthy alternatives next time you’re invited over for a barbecue. Impress your friend with these light, low-cal, beautifully presented options and they’re bound to be feeling great the whole night long.

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