4 Reasons You Should Travel Europe by Train

Experience a new country in an exciting new way - sustainably.
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Many people dream of travelling to Europe their whole lives and never go. Others do go and find that it’s too expensive to stay very long or they didn’t have enough time to see all of the places they had on their list. Europe is a huge continent with an overwhelming number of jaw-dropping attractions to see in just one trip; so, how do you budget for a trip to Europe, decide what to see and how to get there? There’s one simple answer: Contiki.

This world-renowned group travel company has launched a brand new way to experience their trips overseas: by train! A timeless way to travel, they have now harnessed the practicality of the train and modernized it so that it’s officially one of the smartest ways to travel Europe – and the most fun. Whether you choose to fly solo or with a group of friends, Contiki has the trip for you to trek through new lands in style. Still not sold? Here are four definite signs that a train adventure around Europe with Contiki might be just what you need in 2020:

1. You Value Your Time

In this day and age, everyone’s time is incredibly valuable. So why waste even a second of it doing something that you don’t enjoy? Sure a plane will get you from point A to point B faster than a train, but once you add up the time spent at security, check-in and waiting around the terminal, train travel is actually faster. Plus, spend the trip with your friends in a comfortable cabin, making memories as a new world passes you by.

2. You Enjoy Breathtaking Scenery

Sure, flying is great and all, but you never do see much past the first minute of your flight as you climb up, up, up above the clouds and gaze out at the beautiful sky around you. Or take the highways for example – the views are definitely worthwhile from a coach or car, but you only really get to see a portion of the landscape. Instead, jump on board a train and watch the European countryside unfold around you. Mountains, prairies, pastureland, forests – all of it will emerge around you as the train weaves in and out of places, both familiar and unknown.

3. You Can’t Wait to Go New Places

The train trip will be a great experience, trust us, but a real adventure is all about where you’re going to end up once you get off the train. Contiki curates incredible experiences all over the world, with you in mind. Whether you’re on fire for the mountains or you can’t wait to drink European beer, Contiki will take you to some of Europe’s hottest cities, most beautiful landscapes and incredibly stunning sights. Rome, Nice, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, Cinque Terre, Montpellier, Prague – the list of bucket-list-worthy destinations goes on, and on, and on.

4. You Love Our Planet

Any kind of travel produces CO2, which we know isn’t great for our planet in excess amounts. However, there are forms of travel that produce less gas while being a more efficient way to move from point A to point B. Trains are actually much more efficient than cars or planes, as they use less energy per person to transport. Also, for those techy people, Contiki’s new coaches use Euro-6 engines, a newly innovative engine that often emits cleaner air than it takes in. No, this is not a joke. So travelling and exploring the world by train or coach can actually help reduce your carbon footprint? Absolutely.

So, what are you waiting for? Sure you can plan a Europe trip on your own and you will still have an amazing experience in a foreign country. But, wouldn’t you rather do it with someone who knows the area? Who has experienced the good and the bad so they know exactly where to take you and how to get there? With people who have arranged your accommodation, transportation, food and amenities so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and experience the world like it’s meant to be? Plus, with a group of new friends from around the world to share every laugh with along the way?

We thought so. Visit Contiki for a list of all their current European adventures.

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