5 Alberta Hikes You Need to do This Summer

Moraine Lake

Alberta hikes are legendary around the world for their expansive views, magical valleys and the incredible sense of reward they instil. That spring sun is shining later as we get closer to summer — to sleeveless weekend days spent in the mountains, taking in new views and bonding with your crew. Living in Calgary, we should NEVER take for granted the incredible natural beauty of our backyard and the major mood boost it offers! 

Here are 5 Alberta hikes you MUST check out to make your summer dates complete. Always remember to check out trial conditions at Parks Alberta before heading out and prepare properly for your trip. 

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Known for its beautiful view of Canmore, Ha Ling Peak is the perfect Alberta hike for if you’re reintroducing yourself back into the hiking scene and looking for a solid challenge. This 9.5 km trek is lush with mountainous views and idyllic photo opps! 


Break the ice at a whole new level on this hike! This trial is the full package — tranquil, level stretches, forested paths, satisfying inclines and an incredible reward of towering ice crystals in the caves at the top. 

Make sure to bring extra layers, a headlamp and watch your footing if you want to venture into the cave! The temperature drops quite a bit at the entrance. 

Alberta hikes


We know it sounds kinda cryptic, but it’s no mystery that this Alberta hike is ridiculously beautiful. Recently named one of National Geographic’s World’s Most Thrilling Trails in, you’ll be climbing ladders, traveling through tunnels and see four waterfalls on this 17km adventure. Pack ALL the snacks and water for this one folks! 

Tunnel Mountain in Banff


With the trial head nestled right into downtown Banff, this hike is super accessible and an ideal activity if you’re staying in Banff for a few days. This 4km out & back trail is a gentle climb to the summit with stunning views Banff, Mt. Rundle and Bow Valley waiting for you. 

Johnston Canyon Ink Pots


A true classic, and for good reason too. Johnston Canyon is like the Turkducken of Alberta hikes — there are five beautiful destinations you can hit up in on this choose-your-own-adventure hike. 

We vote that you take it all the way to the seven turquoise mineral springs tucked into the meadows beside Johnston Canyon Creek. There’s a sense of stillness and peace up there unlike anywhere else.

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