5 Engagement Rings for the Non-Basic Girl

We know you’re so much more than the basic, Instagram-inspired fiancé


King meets queen, then the puppy love thing; seems like the perfect time to start thinking engagement rings. This might be the time that your man starts to sweat when he realizes that he has to pick a ring that you will say yes to. We admit, we don’t make it any easier with Pinterest boards filled with 738 different rings and ten wedding magazines stacked on the coffee table with too many pages dogeared. But that doesn’t mean we don’t trust our boy to read our minds and put a (fabulous) ring on it.


We’re still into that classic white-gold-with-one-diamond ring, but we know you’re so much more than the basic, Instagram-inspired fiancé, and you want a ring that will reflect that. From different shapes to stunning colours, we’ve compiled a list of five engagement rings for the non-basic girl.

1. Rose Gold Errthing


Step away from the white or yellow gold and have a little fun with rose gold. We know it will look good with your rose gold laptop, rose gold phone and everything else you own. It’s still classy and elegant, but shows a little more personality. It’s not just a trend, it’s a lasting statement of your love and who you are as a person. We adore this 14KT Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, the oval diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds is too gorgeous for words, and the rose gold really brings the whole ring together.

2. Pear Shaped Diamond


The cut of a diamond can change the whole ring and talk to the kind of girl that you are. You aren’t a round, like-everyone-else kind of girl, you need a ring that is more unique and stands out amongst the crowd. A different shaped diamond is the perfect way to show a little more character. We are obsessed with pear shaped diamonds like this White Gold Pear Shape Halo Diamond engagement ring. The unique shape compliments anyone’s hand and the delicate round diamonds surrounding the pear diamond add to the magical sparkle.

3. Morganite Gemstone


Who says your engagement ring needs to have a clear diamond to catch one’s eye? You can switch things up and try out a different stone as the shining star. Morganite gemstones are underrated when it comes to their soft blush colour and how they look when next to rose gold and diamonds makes us want to shout “hell yes!”. This Rose Gold Diamond and Morganite ring is the perfect combination of all our favourite engagement ring attributes, coming together for one breathtaking ring.

4. Add a little Tanzanite


If you’re looking for something with a little more colour, that is far from the traditional clear diamond, adding a pop of tanzanite blue to your engagement ring will shine like your personality. The bold, beautiful stone is complimented with diamonds and white gold on this 14KT White Gold Diamond Oval Tanzanite ring. If the pop of colour wasn’t enough to catch your eye, this ring also touches on another unique trend – a East-West setting. This setting is seriously special as the diamond is placed horizontally on the band, as opposed to the classic settings which typically feature a vertically placed stone. Wear your heart on your sleeve and your love on your finger, and if blue is your colour than embrace it.

5. Diamonds in Abundance


Just like you have more than one BFF, you’re allowed to have more than main diamond too. Consider filling your ring with lots of little diamonds, all contributing to the massive sparkle on your finger like this 14KT White Gold Diamond ring that delicately more places more than 50 little diamonds in an elegant square and across the band. The result is stunning and proves you’re anything but basic.


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