5 Killer Nights Out That DON’T Revolve Around Food

Spend quality time together & experience new Calgary offers.


It’s so easy to say, “let’s go out for drinks, wing night, happy hour or late-night pizza,” but aren’t you getting a little tired of that? Now don’t get us wrong YYC, we love to eat and drink too. However, sometimes it’s nice to head out for the night and do something for you, not just your stomach.  Here are our top picks when it comes to dates in Calgary that might just surprise you.

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Cheer Together at a Calgary Stampeders‘ Game

Football season is upon us, YYC – which game are you attending?! There’s nothing quite like being in the stands of a live football game, cheering along and drinking beer to stay warm on those chilly fall nights. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to cuddle up to your date under a warm blanket and support our fellow players as they compete for the Grey Cup once again.

Discover New Music at Circle Carnival

Spend the weekend outside at one of Calgary’s newest, coolest festivals. Circle Carnival evolved from Circle the Wagons festival, featuring live music, bingo, weiner dog races, food trucks and so much more. The best part: two-day entry to this festival is only $55! With some huge music hits like Keys n’ Krates, Barisone, Phibes, Oakk, The Librarian and more, this festival is a steal. Grab you and your dates tickets ASAP so that you come out looking like a boss this September weekend.

Ultimate Relaxation With Clear Float Spa

Located downtown on 4th Street, Clear Float Spa is ready for you to take the plunge. If you’ve never floated before, here’s the deal. There are several pods filled with 8-10 inches of super-saturated salt water, allowing you to float right on top of the water. It’s dark, it’s quiet, the water is the same temperature as your body – floating provides complete sensory deprivation. This allows the body to fully relax and reap the benefits: relaxation, ease pressure off joints, chronic stress relief, more endorphins, heightened senses, faster healing and muscle recovery, the list goes on. Head to Clear Float Spa for the ultimate floating experience.

Raft the Bow River With the Paddle Station

The final weekend for the Paddle Station has arrived. Raft, kayak, paddleboard, canoe down the Bow River with the Paddle Station for an active, leisurely afternoon date. This company provides the vessel and the safety equipment right on the water’s edge, perfect for you and your date to jump in and enjoy the ride. Once you hit St. Patrick’s Island, simply paddle over, dismount, and go about your day. The Paddle Station: the easiest way to enjoy Bow River activities.

Solve Clues Together with Escape60

Get locked in a room together and decipher the clues on your next date night at Calgary’s highest rated locked room experience. Themed-rooms, unique experiences, beer available and free parking – yes, this is the ultimate date night. Learn how each other problem solve and build rapport as you navigate the room and try to solve the clues before the time runs out. Better yet, celebrate together when you solve the room as a team, feeling closer than ever.

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