5 Must-Try YYC desserts!

Pie Junkie Banana Cream Pie

YYC desserts have become legendary in the Canadian food scene. Know a sweetie with a sweet tooth? Heck ya that includes you! You’re in the right place because we have the perfect list of legendary YYC treats for you to treat your next date with.

Photo by REGRUB


These milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard — not to mention the neighbours, your dog, the mailman and pretty well everyone else. Absolutely exploding with delicious dessert toppings, REGRUB shakes are a true YYC desserts staple and come in SO many fun flavours like Cookies & Cream, Sugar Rush & Cotton Candy. See their full menu here. Pssst, vegan options are available too! 

Photo by Lina’s Italian Market


Recently voted the No.1 cinnamon bun in Calgary, Lina’s came to play in the YYC desserts game! Their freshly baked batches of cinnamon buns are soft and fluffy and layered indulgently with brown sugar cinnamon goodness then garnished with hearty pecans. Learn where to get your hands on these buns here


This Carribean-influenced carrot cake is simply the BEST in the city. You get such a generous portion for an amazing price point and the warmth of the spices complements the sweet, earthy carrot flavour amazingly. Then the cream cheese frosting ties it all together beautifully! See more of Simply Irie’s menu at this link

Photo by Pie Junkie


One bite of one of these babies and you’re an addict. Using minimal sugar, simple ingredients and a whole lotta love, Pie Junkie will easily steal a pie-ce of your heart. The crust is a miraculous balance between sturdy and flakey AND they come in mini and family sizes. Be prepared to grab a family size one for yourself. Just sayin’. Click here to see their selections! 

Photo by Family Dough


Dough NOT miss out on experiencing this one of a kind dessert in YYC. If your parents ever prevented you from going to town on the cookie dough during childhood baking days, then this is your chance to go for it!! Family Dough’s edible cookie dough is stuffed with goodness and comes in flavours like S’mores, Oreo, Unicorn, Peanut Butter and more. Plus, they always have super tasty seasonal flavours that always make the holidays extra specia!. See their full menu by clicking this link.

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