5 New Restaurants in Ottawa for Date Night


These 5 new restaurants in Ottawa are perfect for date night this fall! We want to make sure you know about the latest restaurants and cafes that have popped up around the city. Whether you’re into carefully curated cocktails or feeling as though you’ve been transported to a different continent food wise, we’ve compiled a list of places to hit up to make your date think you’re ultra cool.

1. Giulia

Appeal to your date’s love of pizza by bringing them to Giulia. You can choose from a list of appetizers, red or white pies, or the Giulia pie of the day. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert because the vanilla bean soft serve ice cream with Puglia olive oil and Maldon salt sounds unreal! In addition, there is also a list of cocktails and wines to choose from to complete your trip to Italy… we mean, Giulia. If you aren’t sold just yet, Giulia is a sibling restaurant to Ottawa staples Riviera, El Camino, and Datsun, which are among our favourite date spots!

2. Mr. Luko

2533 Bank Street

If you have ever been to Greece, Greek Fest, or a Greek friend’s household then you have definitely tried lukomades. Lukomades, which are also known as ‘Greek doughnuts’, are a delicious dessert often drenched in a honey syrup and best enjoyed while warm. While honey syrup is the traditional topping, Mr. Luko has a list of other delicious toppings to choose from as well as specialty loukoumades which also come with ice cream. The possibilities at Mr. Luko are endless and we are so excited to get our hands on these Greek doughnuts year round.

3. Cheesy Noods

5380 Canotek Road

This specialty mac & cheese spot features meat from Meatings so you know it will be mind blowing! On their menu, you will find a list of specialty mac & cheese options but you’re also able to build your own concoction. Finish off your meal with some of their mini donuts which come in a variety of flavours. Head to their physical location in Gloucester for pick-up or stay on the couch and have your noods delivered right to you. We hope that you are ready for the cheesy goodness heading your way.

4. Takedon Ottawa

1101 Price of Wales Drive

If you and your date want to taste authentic flavours from Japan then this is the spot for you! They have numerous options for Donburi, Bento, vegetarian dishes, and Japanese small dishes. You can expect generous portions as well as pristine presentation from Takedon. This spot is perfect for either lunch or dinner followed by a stroll along the Rideau River. However, if you prefer take-out, you can expect your food to remain crispy even after delivery, because let’s face it, nobody likes when their fried food gets soggy during transit.

5. Dao Bake and Sip Café

1558 Merivale Road

Dao offers asian-inspired flavours in a modern Japanese tea house-style café. If you are a Master Chef fan then you might already be aware that you can taste the work of Master Chef Canada season 7 winner Christopher Siu at Dao. Although everything on the menu looks incredible, the original Cheese Tart from Pablo’s Cheese Tart Canada and the signature line of specialty croissants have us drooling. Please note that Dao Bake and Sip Café is open from 9 AM – 10 PM every day unless otherwise stated on their Instagram account.

We would love to hear about your experience at any of these 5 new restaurants in Ottawa in the comments below.


Happy exploring!


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