5 Reasons to Attend Yoncé Yoga Christmas Edition

Okay yogis, now let’s get in formation.

Believe in your inner Beyoncé and stretch out your muscles with some Yoncé Yoga Christmas Edition this Saturday, December 9th. After an hour long flow class, you’ll be seriously thirsty for some lemonade, so stay for some brunch.


We want to see you strike a pose and jingle your bells like the Queen Bee herself so here’s 5 reasons why you need to join us:



1. You get to practice your Yoncé moves. 



I don’t think you ready for this jelly. Or are you?



2. You get to eat brunch afterwards.



Who doesn’t like a little brunch? You’ll be completely blown away by Home & Away‘s dish curated by the talented Chef Pigot. Juice will be provided by Well Juicery. 



3. You’ll feel like you made a personal breakthrough. 



With practice led by bad ass instructor Bronwyn, you’ll get into your element real fast as she walks you through the poses.



4. You’ll listen to Beyoncé and only Beyoncé for one whole hour.



‘Nough said.  Oh, and DJ RoylT will be spinning the beats to set those good vibes.



5. You’ll get into the Christmas spirit.



Calling all our jingle ladies, all our jingle ladies (and guys, all is welcome). Don’t forget to stay around after to shop from Skoah to make Christmas gifting all the merrier. 





Grab your mats, your water bottles, your Beys and we’ll meet you there – because you’re #flawless.

Get your tickets here.



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